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Apr 9, 2019 | Door County, Essential oils, The Parisienne Farmhouse | 2 comments

Recently, I was tagged on YouTube and asked to share my dreams for a What are Your Dreams playlist…

WOW. Ask a dreamer what her dreams are? Have you got all day? I actually rather talk about YOU and how to make YOUR dreams a reality.

However, I accepted the tag and you can watch that video here:

I accepted because I had actually posed the question to my self around New Years. I had a heart to heart with myself. What WERE my dreams? I’ve always been very clear on my vision, but truth be told… and don’t hate me… I’m living this dream we fought so hard for, and so I had forgotten how important it was for me to continue to dream big and make plans for the future.

How to Make Your Dreams a Reality

We are about sixteen months into this new life of ours and there is not one second that I take for granted.

We’ve been vacationing here as a family for two decades and while there were a few other locations in the world precious to us… Door County was a dream we thought would truly bless our family. And now, it’s our norm. Dead quiet winters (and I mean DEAD quiet), sailboats and tourists in the summer and all the in between. This is our dream. Taking a house and mangy property and creating a proper European estate… with that charm of the humble that we all love so much about European properties.

My husband is home and no longer for working for less than he’s worth, my kids are healthy… I have a greenhouse and an old world kitchen to spend my days… we have a proper school room and a garden where I can plan out my very own Hilltop meets Giverny potager… My dreams came true.

I had become VERY comfortable in my business. Very comfortable in my surroundings.  Aside from the five-year rehab project ahead of us, I had no real dreams on the horizon. The ones I had become lost in the routine of this new comfortable mental space. But the reality is, it’s time to dream again. And I’m up for the challenge!

It IS time to dream again but…I do hesitate to call them dreams. Dreams sound like fluff… but GOALS?

Now, that’s a word that I can sink my teeth into. A goal seems real to me. It’s something attainable. It’s not “pie in the sky” like a dream might be and so, I make goals. And I make goals. And I make goals.

How to Make Your Dreams a Reality

If you and I were sitting down to a piping hot latté and you asked, “Ang, what would be your tips on hitting goals?” Here’s what I would say:


Decide that your dreams are going to become your goals. Cinderella had to wait for a fairy godmother but God’s given you a mind and a skill set. Use it.


Chances are these goals are going to need funding. You might need a new job, another job, you might need to cancel the cable. For us, the doTERRA business model was something we realized early on that we could use as a vehicle to fund our dream. For you, it might be something different. Think sacrifice and “living like no one else does today so you can live like no one else does tomorrow.”


And I don’t mean to “the universe”. But let people know that you’re GOING for it. When we let people know what our goals/dreams are we suddenly have some skin the game. Sit the family down, let them know where you’re headed.  Invite their support.


Plan out what actions will need to be taken over the course of that timeline and get to work.


It happens EVERY TIME. The minute you’re all jazzed and ready to rock it, the entire world falls apart. Someone either bails on you or scoffs at your desires. Your transmission fails and gobbles up that extra money you had stashed… get ready. It WILL happen. Gird your loins. 🙂


Making your dreams come true/achieving your goals takes a TON of mental energy and mental space. You’ll find you really don’t have time for negative people. Love them, but don’t allow them to speak into what you are trying to accomplish.


Put those goals front and centre. Keep your eye on the prize. If your family is working towards a goal like ours was, allow everyone to post something to the dream board. By doing this you’re inviting them to take ownership of the goal.


Be ready to work hard and set aside the dream of overnight success. We live in an instant gratification culture and many people are totally unaccustomed to working hard for something for an extended period of time. We want to win the lotto. We want to lose forty pounds overnight. We want a Joanna Gaines style home before we’ve paid our dues and lived in a busted up apartment. Kick that mindset to the curb and settle into the joy and fulfilment of working hard for something and watch your goal come to fruition!

How to Make Your Dreams a Reality

So what ARE my goals for the next five years???

My new goals include hitting Blue Diamond and then Presidential Diamond with doTERRA.
I’m LOVING this new(er) goal. It’s inSANE. I’m so excited about how many lives have been impacted by this decision to press forward with my business. Being a leader at these positions means that COUNTLESS other families on my team will experience legacy changing residual income and that makes me HAPPY! It’s also brought a CRAP-ton of resistance and obstacles, but that’s O.K. My family is 100% on board and a part of this goal.   What we have these days is truly a family business!

I plan to write another cookbook, a children’s cookbook and I plan to write the most beautiful gardening book ever. Like, EVER. That makes me laugh just typing it! Lofty goal indeed!

I also plan to open a Patisserie here in Door County. I bought up the domains years ago, I have the Instagram page… I’ll be taking a food prep course here to get state certified and we’ll be getting our name out there over the next few years so there is brand awareness by the time we open our doors.

All the while I’ll be following my own advice. My vision board is front and centre here in my office. My days are planned accordingly. I’m dreaming BIGGER THAN EVER these days! Won’t you join me? It’s time to dream big, set goals and make it happen.

Beautiful Skin After 40







PS: If you’d like to use the doTERRA business model to fund your dreams as we did, be sure to reach out to me!


  1. Kimberly from Northern California

    Missing you on YouTube
    Happy Spring

  2. Amanda

    You are so inspiring, Angie. I’ve been watching you for awhile, and catching up on old videos. I used to be so good at dreaming and chasing goals, and I reached many of them. But life definitely provides resistance along the way, and it’s time to gird up, create a new vision, and charge ahead! Thank you for the thoughtful, practical, inspiring advice!! It’s so fun to see how far you’ve come!


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