Maidens and Their Artist

Nov 7, 2022 | On Femininity, On Motherhood, The Parisienne Farmhouse | 31 comments

This lovely lady has a spotlight in my YouTube video from the other day. I look forward to sharing that with you here:

She’s a lovely maiden in bronze, and someone made her by hand, and yet, I can find nothing about her creator. She lives on, but her artist’s name has faded into history. So, she sits here, unknown in name, unknown in artist, on my shelf.  5,000 miles from where she started.  

I’ve been thinking a lot about beauty and its skin-deep nature.

Women are so beautiful. We’d do well to remember the blanket physical beauty that simply comes with being a woman. Curves and belly, breasts and lips, hands that work hard and show the grace of years of effort, strong thighs in all sizes, hips, and the sheer feminity of the wrist and collarbone; we’d do well to remember all the natural beauty that comes with the territory. We’d do well do carry ourselves like we know we hold this beauty.

That beauty doesn’t fade with age, but it sure changes. Hands wrinkle and leather, once powerful legs become unstable, lips thin and lose pigment…hair takes on a regal white…

I prefer to keep my time with my grandparents very private, but this time, perhaps for my own memories, I wanted to ‘document’ a touch of a recent visit… I spent some time with my 90-year-old Gram for her birthday last week; a vapor of a visit. Fifteen hours of travel so we could share 30 hours together in her little living room. A mattress on the floor and another precious pajama party…carry out pizza and puzzles in the game room…Bible verses and hymns… awakened all night by nurses visiting Grampa in the next room and falling back asleep to the endearing sound of her breathing. My bed on the floor at her feet, like a maid and her fine lady. The vulnerability of her age has wrecked me. I would do anything for her.

She is so beautiful to me. So very beautiful.  True, she’s cared for herself very well and looks beautiful in accordance with our cultural standards, but that’s not why she’s beautiful to me.  

She’s beautiful because of the gentle love and compassion that pour out of her in my direction whenever we are in the same room, it penetrates through the screen on video calls and pours out of simple text messages.  I’ve felt this way my entire life. She’s human, to be sure.  I love her in her humanity. She is an encouragement to me, I am an encouragement to her and we are true friends.  Ours is a special bond, and we both know who blessed us with that bond. We are both old enough now to look back on the years and know it’s been something very special and God-given.  She may sit these days quietly, like my maiden on my shelf, and to my profound and immense grief, many miles from away from me, like my maiden is miles apart from the atelier of her artist, but my Gram is beautiful because she KNOWS her artist, she knows her creator, and she never stops sharing His love.  Her physical beauty is only amplified by her true beauty.

Is mine?

Gram and I share a reverse story from this bronze maiden and her artist. We WILL fade into history one day. I’m no longer a child. As a grown, contemplative woman, I live with the stark realization of how fleeting these days are, but OUR Artist will reign forever! He will not be forgotten.

To God be the glory for women and femininity, for Grammas and granddaughters, for artwork and beauty. For Grace and eternity.  Forever and ever, amen. 


  1. Deanna Rabe

    Amen, and Amen! Happy Birthday to your beautiful Gram. You can see the source of her beauty radiating out from inside of her!

    • Rebecca

      Bonjour Angela, ces mots sont tellement bien choisis, quelle gentillesse d’honorer ainsi votre grand-mère.Que Dieu vous bénisse ainsi que toute votre jolie famille.

  2. Crystal Wagner

    What a beautiful tribute to your grandmother. As new grandma I can only hope and pray that the bond I have with 4 month old granddaughter will continue to grow and strengthen with time. It is amazing to me how much time I spend reflecting on my grandparents now that I am one as well. I was blessed with truly wonderful grandparents who lived long full lives. I want to be to my granddaughter what my granny was to me.

    Thank you for sharing your heart.

    • Zaneh

      Amen! Gods creative genius is unrivaled! So delighted in the courage you have to speak His name and give Him Glory! Thanks for encouraging me to do the same!

  3. Bonjour

    Angela, this touching post speaks volumes beyond its words on paper. Your depth of spirit is so evident in all you do, but this post especially touched my heart. My own grandmére passed in 1989, but the bond of our love keeps her foremost in my thoughts every day. Especially as we enter the season of shared family times and gratitude for all that God has blessed us with. I pull out my old recipes written in my grandmothers handwriting snd thank God once again for the beauty she taught me to appreciate in all things. I hope to pass on a similar legacy of love to my own precious daughter.

  4. Virginia Tolles

    Beautifully written, Angela! To God be the glory! Amen.

    • Gwenaëlle

      Bonjour Angela,
      Pour le bronze, il pourrait s’agir du travail de Marie Alice Barluet sculptrice et medailliste née à caen exposant durant les années 1900 Il était commun à l’époque d’utiliser son deuxième prénom (Alice). Je n’ai pas plus d’informations sur son œuvre et sa vie. Bonne chasse aux trésors lors de vos visites d’antiquaires

  5. Linda Mock

    Wonderful, Angela! It brought tears to my eyes. God bless you both ❤️

  6. NITA Hiltner

    Made me cry because I don’t have this anymore. I am estranged from my one daughter and her kids over wokeness. They decided to choose politics over family which has destroyed me to the core. I haven’t seen them since July, 2020. Nothing seems as beautiful as it was. I still have my one daughter and her girl and boy but what hurts more is that her sister has rejected her and her children too and in my mind, that seems unforgiveable, to hurt children like that. I don’t see it being fixed but there are always miracles and I need one.

    • Robin

      Oh NITA Hiltner I am so sorry. This is such a tragedy. I will pray that your daughter comes to her senses. What transpired over the past 2 and a half years was pure evil, and a deliberate attempt to divide friends and families. Unfortunately, it was successful in many ways. Praying to open people’s eyes and for you as well.

    • VB

      This is so heart wrenching. I never thought I would see such evil as “wokeness” has perpetrated on our country. I voted against it today. My sister reminded me that God is control no matter what–no matter what wretched people are running our country, He allows it for a purpose. Our defense is to PRAY without ceasing. I pray your daughter’s heart changes. We have seen wokeness cause division in our extended family. It is an epidemic–the REAL epidemic. I pray that there is a spiritual awakening in America and the veil of deception is lifted from our loved ones.

    • Sharon Betts

      Beautiful, Angela, and so true.

    • Elizabeth

      I am in the same boat for the same reason. Haven’t seen my 3 grandchildren in 5 yrs!

    • Stephanie Burris

      One of the blessings in my life was moving closer to my Great Aunt, whom I adored growing up. She was a wonderful mentor and her daughter still is. She held a Masters Degree which she Obtained in the 40’s. She was a French Professor, Consummate Learner, loving mother, sister to my Grandmother, daughter, wife, farmer, and aunt. I loved being near her as an adult and knowing her as the woman she was and what a friend she was to me as an adult. She taught me to always learn. To study. To indulge in it. I loved her very much and miss her terribly! She died at 102 with a very sharp mind that was attributed to her constant commitment to learn. I miss her speaking French. Detailing family history. Cooking and loving me. A true modern day woman and one ahead of her time! I’m happy for you and your relationship with your Grandmother. (I was lucky to be close to both of mine,too). My son sadly did not have that experience! Thank you for sharing. Brought up wonderful memories!

  7. Megan Prorok

    This is why I love your content and your channel, you have sustenance! Quality in your thoughts, actions and what you share on line. Bless both you and your grandmother!

  8. Janell Kanaley

    This blog reduced me to tears as just yesterday I had the displeasure of listening to Christian men greatly undervalue women to nothing more than overly emotional beings. I thank you for this beautiful description of women.

  9. Lori Powell

    Oh Angela, this is a beautiful post! She is lovely and I see her in you!You are right about our physical changes and embracing them as we age. We are what our creator meant for us to be! Carry on!

  10. Dana Gibbs-Haney

    Just beautiful, thank you for sharing this!

  11. Clarissa West

    Love this article, Angela! Thank you for speaking truth!

  12. Jennifer

    Couldn’t get through this without tears. I see the resemblance, I see the beauty in you both, and I recognize that glamour and wholehearted, beaming smile that reminds me so much of my own grandma. She’s been gone for 12 years. I fail, daily, to uphold her standards of beauty and decorum and quiet, farmwife glamour, but I try. Thank you for sharing your heart and reminding us to always wear love on our lips and sparkle in our eyes.

  13. Debbie Kuhlenschmidt

    Thank you for sharing this private and personal moment. Your relationship with our Creator, your family and this loving testimony about your grandmother is why I am compelled to listen to your podcasts, follow your blog and truly delight in your YouTube videos. I will soon be celebrating my 67th birthday and I am so grateful for each day and for my family and it is very reassuring to know that there is a growing audience for you and Shaye who share your interest and the art of homemaking.

  14. Julie

    This is so beautiful, Angela! True femininity passed on from generation to generation is so beautiful to behold and yes, speaks of our great Creator! To God be the Glory! Happy 90th Birthday to your beautiful Gram!

  15. Cheryl

    How lovely. I owe much to my Grandmother. She was my teacher,my playmate and friend growing up. I am a better person because of her love and presence in my life. She has been gone many years now, but my memories make her seem near by.

  16. Carolyn Fox

    What lovely thoughts and reflections in honor of your grandmothers birthday. The memory of your visit will become a treasure as the years go by. Thanks for sharing with us.

  17. Judith Hutchinson

    This is just beautiful what a blessing, it just about brought me to tears , I never really knew my Grandparents well as they lived in another country and only breifly met them as a child and when one grandmother visited us here in Australia, I hope I can instill the love and bond with my grandchildren that when I’m older and I too sit quietly that we have that God given bond of love to the end and beyond my life xxx

  18. Jane

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful tribute to your grandmother and the women in our lives, especially those who have shared the beauty of God’s wonderful lovingkindness with us. I never comment, but I felt it was important to thank you for pointing us to what is needful and lovely instead of what is currently and fleetingly popular.

  19. VB

    I love this heart felt tribute to your lovely grandmother. My grandmother’s have both been gone for many years, but what an impact on my life they both made.

  20. Nel Rommes

    Beautiful, Angela! And so is your Gram…

  21. Lucinda

    Beautifully said. Thank you for having an open heart to see His ever lasting love. May you and your gran create every lasting joyful memories.

  22. Sharon Casey

    This truly touched me. I am now 63 and what amazes me as I grow older is the brevity of this life. It seems just yesterday I was young. Each year now seems to spiral faster and faster, and my friends say it is that way for them as well.
    Thank you for this. So many days I frown at the reflection I see in the mirror- an old woman where the “real” me should be! But you have reminded me of who I am and whose I am. Today I proudly wear my age and the knowledge that I am the daughter of the king of kings and Lord of Lords. How can I not smile at that reflection!?

  23. Laura

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts with us. What a beautiful legacy. Blessings to you and yours.


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