Mad about my Spring Garden

May 5, 2006 | Gardening | 5 comments

…and by mad I mean like the Mad Hatter.
I find the woodland garden under my giangantic Norway to be absolutely charming. Blue flowers are so rare but for a few weeks every spring I get to enjoy masses up Forget-me-Nots among the growing Hosta and tulips.
Thankfully I still have some tulips even though my nasty squirrels insists on digging them up and replanting them. Every year I find a portion of them “transplanted” by those little buggers. I am tempted to get a BB gun.
The bird bath was the score of the year for $5 at a yard sale last fall. Hating most things new I was thrilled to find it kind of mossy and funky.
My Norway is possibly the biggest one has every seen and it creates a cozy canapy over my side gardens…the floor covered in thousands and thousands of small pine needles. In a week or two the Forget-me-Nots will be gone and the tullips wiliting…but the Lilly of the Valley missed their May Day debut so it looks like I will get to enjoy them well into the month.
Every garden has its charm and I just could’nt not share this one with you.


  1. teambarrett18

    Please leave my precious squirrel friend alone 🙂

  2. Amanda

    This is gorgeous, you’re motivating me to want to share pictures of mine, although it is no comparison to your wonderful beauty in your backyard!

    Sounds like you’re having fun! XOXOXOX

  3. cityfarmer

    Forget me nots are one my very favorites.

    I wish I had as many as you.
    Sometime they reseed and bloom later toward fall.

    Happy Mother’s Day Angela.
    I love you.

  4. julee

    I’ve stooped to a new low with a Mother’s Day wish on your blog comments instead of a tangible card or even a private e-mail. Sue me.
    Let me just say that your mothering instincts inspire me to do better. I can’t go back, but I copy, revise and implement a lot of your ideas. Like:
    Lay around and just enjoy each other’s company.
    Put a call or e-mail in when I hear distress in their voices.
    Go and help the instant I fear trouble or harm.
    When I’m with them…be concentrated and focused on what they’re saying, and not saying.
    Make sure they have their needs met and surprise and delight them with a reasonable amount of their “wants”
    Pray for their hearts!!!!
    God Bless You on your first Mother’s Day at least 70 or so more.
    Love, Aunt Julee

  5. Amanda

    Okay, hello….anything new over there in Illinois????


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