…and by mad I mean like the Mad Hatter.
I find the woodland garden under my giangantic Norway to be absolutely charming. Blue flowers are so rare but for a few weeks every spring I get to enjoy masses up Forget-me-Nots among the growing Hosta and tulips.
Thankfully I still have some tulips even though my nasty squirrels insists on digging them up and replanting them. Every year I find a portion of them “transplanted” by those little buggers. I am tempted to get a BB gun.
The bird bath was the score of the year for $5 at a yard sale last fall. Hating most things new I was thrilled to find it kind of mossy and funky.
My Norway is possibly the biggest one has every seen and it creates a cozy canapy over my side gardens…the floor covered in thousands and thousands of small pine needles. In a week or two the Forget-me-Nots will be gone and the tullips wiliting…but the Lilly of the Valley missed their May Day debut so it looks like I will get to enjoy them well into the month.
Every garden has its charm and I just could’nt not share this one with you.