Ma Ballerine Amélie

Feb 10, 2012 | Full Time Family, Snapshots in Coversation | 23 comments

My sweet baby girl took her first ballet lesson this week.  
I am so proud of her!

It took a little convincing.  She wants so bad to be a ballerina and she wants so bad to be a cowgirl (how Parisienne Farmgirl of her!) and she was simply freaked out that she could not be both.  I assured her there were many cowgirl ballerinas and that she could surly rope -n- ride and plié and twirl with the best of them.

I always wanted to take ballet but never could (and I have yet to find anyone that will teach an adult – they look at you like you’re plum crazy!).  I am just so happy for her – look at her – she is simply beaming!

You should see her dance around to “Dance of the Sugar” (as her and Aidan call it)


Forget the laundry, dumping out the gross strainer from the kitchen sink and the calls for “Help!” from the bathroom… This is the good stuff.
Being a Momma is so much fun!

I love you girlfriend!


  1. Theanne

    Amelie is absolutely adorable…g’daughter Neylan is in her second year of ballet!

  2. miss flibbertigibbet

    She’s darling…and so proud of herself! LOL sigh…my girls never wanted to take ballet and I always did and never could…not fair!

  3. Tracie~MyPetiteMaison

    She’s a doll and a half. Of course she can be how ever many things she wants to be or do in life!

    Makes me remember taking my baby to her first ballet class.
    xoxo from here!

  4. Corrina

    Angela, those feet are so cute I could eat them! Visit my blog to see Ruby the ballerina and the tale of a dancer pics (Ruby just finished her first year of Ballet last December) and we were so amazed at the end of yesr concert when they put the real tutu’s on they became Prima Ballerina’s! xxCorrina.

  5. Sherri Mitchell

    Precious! You tell her she’s the most precious little Cowgirl Ballerina EVER!! Oh that face. That outfit. Her little feet!

    I know you are one proud mama!
    ~ xoxo

  6. Mandy

    she’s adorable! wish pudgy legs were as cute on me!ha!

    on a different note…i’m sorry to see you changed your title to ‘common sense’…you won’t go all politically correct and silent on conservative issues on us will you???

  7. Ruby Jean

    Oh So VERY VERY Precious… And that smile of hers looks like it could light up a mile… 🙂

  8. Julie

    What a sweet ballerina. She’ll make a great cowgirl too.

  9. Sarah

    How cute!

    And as a side note my adult sister just started taking ballet lesson this past fall, it is an all adult beginners class that she is in. Also, I have considered a mother/daughter class that was offered in our area. I have heard of at least one other woman I know of starting ballet as a grown women this last year.

    Look into it, it seems you are not the only woman with that longing and it seems to be an emerging market :o)

  10. Priscilla

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Sherri

    You little one is such a prima ballerina!! So cute! I remember when my girls were this age and Megan my oldest was taking ballet lessons. Jenny, my youngest was my cowgirl! They grow up so fast, so treasure every moment like this :)!!

  12. Priscilla

    What a pretty little ballerina!
    I took ballet as a child. My girls took ballet. All little girls should. It teaches poise.
    When I was little, I wanted to be a mommy, a nun, and a pretty girl in the circus – 1 out of 3 isn’t bad.

  13. Jenn

    I couldn’t help but respond when you said that you had never found anyone who would teach adults ballet.

    I quit ballet when I was 6 and always regretted it (regrets start early don’t they?). A friend started a dance studio about 6 months ago and is teaching an adult ballet class. So I am finally taking ballet. She even mixes beginners like me with experienced ladies, one of which has been taking ballet for 25 years. Too bad you don’t live in Ohio, but keep looking—those classes are out there.

    Jenn @ Spejory

  14. Amber

    Oh my! She is sooo cute! My favorite picture is of her cute, chubby feet! Keep those ballet slippers, girl! 🙂

  15. DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family

    Amelie is precious!

    Many years ago there was a movie called The Turning Point. Every community center in Seattle was filled with adult woman taking ballet. I took ballet with a few of my girlfriends. Our instructor was retired French ballerina, probably the age that I am now. Can you imagine the magic? I know that I was not the best. In my mind I was on my toes. I was at my best body tone ever! She was a stickler! I hope that you can take a ballet class one day.
    In the meantime we’ll watch Amelie dance the magic!
    Thank you for sharing, Angela!

  16. RobinfromCA

    This is so precious and reminds me of my own little girl (now almost 30) when she was in ballet. I took ballet as a child and again as an adult. I found that only schools teaching RAD had adult classes – which was fine because that’s the style my daughter was taking.

    Your little Amélie will be the most graceful cowgirl ever!

  17. Heather's Blog-o-rama

    Amelie is just adorable in her ballerina outfit 😉 🙂 I took four years of dancing lessons as a kid, including ballet. I remember one lady, an adult, taking classes with us kids 😉 🙂 It was cool!!! Maybe one of the local community colleges would offer adult ballet classes? Yes, tell Amelie she can be a cowgirl AND a ballerina at the same time 🙂 🙂 Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

  18. A Cottage Muse

    Oh how I miss those days!
    She is just adorable ~ enjoy every minute!!

  19. Amy @MaisonDecor

    This little girl is adorable~how lucky to be her mom! I loved the pics of her little feet in the ballet shoes.

  20. melyssa

    I’m a ballet teacher and lots and lots of studios offer beginning adult classes! They are always super fun. Go find one! It’s never too late to be a sparkling ballerina…promise. 🙂 We even use those grown ups for our party scene in Nutcracker…think of the costumes! Oh yes.


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