My sweet baby girl took her first ballet lesson this week.  
I am so proud of her!

It took a little convincing.  She wants so bad to be a ballerina and she wants so bad to be a cowgirl (how Parisienne Farmgirl of her!) and she was simply freaked out that she could not be both.  I assured her there were many cowgirl ballerinas and that she could surly rope -n- ride and plié and twirl with the best of them.

I always wanted to take ballet but never could (and I have yet to find anyone that will teach an adult – they look at you like you’re plum crazy!).  I am just so happy for her – look at her – she is simply beaming!

You should see her dance around to “Dance of the Sugar” (as her and Aidan call it)


Forget the laundry, dumping out the gross strainer from the kitchen sink and the calls for “Help!” from the bathroom… This is the good stuff.
Being a Momma is so much fun!

I love you girlfriend!