style="text-align: left;">I swear, half the fun of blogging is naming the post.
Like being an O.P.I. nail polish namer!  Wouldn’t that be a riot?
I saw this story the other day about a nursing momma who was forced to pump her milk because a TSA worker did not believe her when she told her the “item in question” was a breast pump.  God bless her— thinking she would be one step ahead of the game she emptied her bottles… you know, the whole liquid on a plane thing.  Then she gets in line and the stupid TSA agent didn’t believe her that the now empty bottles were for milk and the pump was a PUMP and not some bomb or something.  So she goes into a bathroom with her three kids and pumps her milk to fill the bottles – at the sink, in a dress and heals (I’m impressed she was dressed for traveling!) – cause you can’t really cram three kids into a bathroom stall, sit on a toilet and pump can you?  That would be horrible.  She then goes and proves to the TSA worker by showing them the bottles full of fresh milk that everything is on the up and up and she is allowed to get on the plane.
Let me tell you something girls…
That would be the day.
I heard this story and gave my husband plenty fair warning that this would not bode well for us if it happened to me,
“I’m telling you right now babe.  We would end up on the news.
Is that OK?”
(I always ask “permission” before being outrageous.  Like I did before I yelled at the stupid “Recall Scott Walker” people one day this fall when we were in Wisconsin.
He is my husband and I don’t want to embarrass him but let’s be real – he knows who he’s married to!)
So here’s the thing.
I’m a semi-modest nurser.
 I mean, I can’t wear a blanket thingy cause my babies just HATE that but I am not whippin’ my boob out for the world to see either.  It’s not a crime to nurse… you lift the shirt, the baby latches on, no one can even see anything.  (People just get their panties in a bunch cause they KNOW what you are doing.)  A bathing suit shows more flesh than a discreetly nursing mom for goodness sake.  But on that day… on that day that a TSA worker is stupid enough to see me, with a baby and three other kids in tow and still wonder if I was a fricken’ terrorist with a breast pump bomb – well that would be the day that Lucy and Ethel would make a VERY public appearance right there in line.
I’d fill those d – – – bottles for the world to see!!!
 At least then I could be arrested for a legitimate reason like “indecent exposure.”
Gotta love these classic scenes…pardon the french.