Lucy, Ethel, A TSA Worker and my Husband

Mar 5, 2012 | Pop Culture/Politics, Simply Ang | 22 comments

I swear, half the fun of blogging is naming the post.
Like being an O.P.I. nail polish namer!  Wouldn’t that be a riot?
I saw this story the other day about a nursing momma who was forced to pump her milk because a TSA worker did not believe her when she told her the “item in question” was a breast pump.  God bless her— thinking she would be one step ahead of the game she emptied her bottles… you know, the whole liquid on a plane thing.  Then she gets in line and the stupid TSA agent didn’t believe her that the now empty bottles were for milk and the pump was a PUMP and not some bomb or something.  So she goes into a bathroom with her three kids and pumps her milk to fill the bottles – at the sink, in a dress and heals (I’m impressed she was dressed for traveling!) – cause you can’t really cram three kids into a bathroom stall, sit on a toilet and pump can you?  That would be horrible.  She then goes and proves to the TSA worker by showing them the bottles full of fresh milk that everything is on the up and up and she is allowed to get on the plane.
Let me tell you something girls…
That would be the day.
I heard this story and gave my husband plenty fair warning that this would not bode well for us if it happened to me,
“I’m telling you right now babe.  We would end up on the news.
Is that OK?”
(I always ask “permission” before being outrageous.  Like I did before I yelled at the stupid “Recall Scott Walker” people one day this fall when we were in Wisconsin.
He is my husband and I don’t want to embarrass him but let’s be real – he knows who he’s married to!)
So here’s the thing.
I’m a semi-modest nurser.
 I mean, I can’t wear a blanket thingy cause my babies just HATE that but I am not whippin’ my boob out for the world to see either.  It’s not a crime to nurse… you lift the shirt, the baby latches on, no one can even see anything.  (People just get their panties in a bunch cause they KNOW what you are doing.)  A bathing suit shows more flesh than a discreetly nursing mom for goodness sake.  But on that day… on that day that a TSA worker is stupid enough to see me, with a baby and three other kids in tow and still wonder if I was a fricken’ terrorist with a breast pump bomb – well that would be the day that Lucy and Ethel would make a VERY public appearance right there in line.
I’d fill those d – – – bottles for the world to see!!!
 At least then I could be arrested for a legitimate reason like “indecent exposure.”
Gotta love these classic scenes…pardon the french.


  1. elizabeth

    LOL!!! And I mean really, I am laughing out loud!

  2. NanaDiana

    Love it- Love it- Love it- I was a nursing in public under the blankie kinda gal when my kids were little, too. I used to call it the “buncha lunch” skit. One would be nursing and another would be trying to lift up the blanket to see what was going on and another one would be whipping tampons or some such out of my purse…and then the 4th was a potty mouth that knew just WHEN to drop “the bomb”. Ah..yes..those were the good old days.

    I hope you have a wonderful night- xo Diana

  3. Anonymous

    I live in WI and who doesn’t want to scream at the recall workers, waste of time and $$$$$$$$! Love oyur blog and style!

  4. Mandy

    oh my. i never got the whole anti public nursing thing either. i nursed all four of mine til i got pregnant with the next…and they all hated being covered with a blankey. and yet, if you do it correctly, NOTHING gets seen! so you can’t tell me women with normal size T%^$ is flashing everyone, when i managed discreetly with my huge girls;). i always secretly dared someone to approach me so i could say soemthing snarky. there was one time though, at a park, when a sweet mom pulled up her shirt and let it fall out before latching the baby. i mean full on. at a 5 yr. old birthday party, so ya, that was a tad much…

  5. Julie

    Laugh out loud funny!! I’m just imagining your civil disobedience making the nightly news report and my saying to myself, “I know who that is!! Way to go, Angela!!”

    Unbelievable that nursing mothers have to go through this nonsense!

    I have not flown since the body scans, etc. were put into place, but I am the girl who is ALWAYS stopped for the full check (all of the contents of my luggage strewn out, etc.), so I dread flying now that they can pat you down.

  6. Linda

    That was certainly outrageous and I would have caused a humongous stink right then and there, too. Oh, dear. In Connecticut (where I live) a woman was given a ticket for breastfeeding IN HER CAR! Shortly thereafter, the state legislature passed a law saying it was okay to breastfeed in public. Best wishes, Linda

  7. weissbunt

    I love your strong opinions and it’s really fun to read blogs from all over the world. I’m a global kind of girl ;-), but this is just were I don’t get you Americans (no offense). How can nursing a baby in public be called indecent. I do share your disapproval for the way the mother in your example was treated.

    I’ve been one for discretion while breastfeeding my babies. If you have several kids and/or a busy schedule you can’t always avoid it. But even if you’d flash for a second, most women feel exposed as it is how dare anyone make them feel more uncomfortable. I mean everyone can choose to look away, right.

    I can understand the security issue at the airport, but even that could have been resolved without causing so much trouble for the breastfeeding mother.

    Unfortunately I have made the experience myself that the U.S. airport authorities rather treat everyone like a criminal. In my case it was only a simple blow dryer in my checked in bag ;-), and that was way before the whole security madness.

    Well, keep up tackling the hot topics. Looking forward to the next conservative rant ;-). Greetings from Germany – maks 🙂

  8. Passionedeco...perchè le case hanno un'anima


    It happened to me last week, we went to the lake ’cause it was such a beautiful day and of course our baby was with us.
    Noon, lunch time and since I am still nursing I did not take with me the food for the baby. I had my breast with me! That’s enough.
    I sitted down and discretely lifted my shirt…no one could see almost nothing, just a little piece of skin, outrageous…isn’t it?
    Well….you should see how many people (mostly women, I’m so sad to say that but that was), looked at me with…could I say…a disgusted expression on their face.
    Can you believe it?? I really can’t figure out where this world is going. Breastfeeding is something so natural, so beautiful, so blessed. Aren’t Churches full of paintings with a nursing Virgin Mary?? Well…. I have said it all. I so desired that someone told off me something… I was ready for a fight!

    With deep admiration, yours,

  9. Auntie Em

    First, I think those idiots who are so snobby should be forced to go sit in a toilet stall and eat their lunch! God bless her for even traveling with all those little ones plus a nursing baby!

    And to think she was dressed for the trip. My fanciest was clean jeans and a sweatshirt without vomit on it when the kids were small!lol

    Second, why do people with a little authority have to let it go to their head. I was treated nasty one time trying to bring a little toy Zambonis home for my hockey obsessed grandsons!

    Another good reason to stay home and play with paper! 😀

  10. Corrine

    I am sure the blog waves and airwaves are full of outrage at this incident today. So what can we do about it? I am way past the age of nursing anything except a headache, but is there any way to formally express our shock and displeasure in a public forum? I understand that a “supervisor” of some sort apologized and redirected the involved workers, but I think this is indicative of little nobody’s given a little power and thinking with there miniscule gray matter to make them feel like they are important. Sorry for the mini rant but this one bothered me as much as patting down the little girl last summer
    !But I will tell you one thing, If I see any woman walking down the aisle in an airplane with her boobie out, I am under the seat, just saying!

  11. Anne

    If they questioned me I would have them drink it to see that it was milk!Those scenes are hilarious.I love those.

  12. Sarah

    My husband and I once got kicked out of a boutique hotel because I brought my 3mo old nursing baby. I was soooo mad. They snooty manager that I demanded to talk with said that it was a no-children hotel and simply could not understand that a nursing infant didn’t fit the typical no-children rule. I explained that it is discrimination against women, etc. Finally, she condescendingly said “Well, you can stay but you really won’t be comfortable here”. At which point my husband got a refund and escorted me out. (he wisely was concerned they really would do everything in their power to make our stay unpleasant.) I was still muttering about suing for discrimination and picketing on my way out the door. :o)

  13. Elle Amberley

    You know before I had kids I would never have dreamed of making a stand for myself and I was a bit of a prude.
    But from the moment I was pregnant I knew I wanted to breastfeed and was prepared to bite back if challenged.
    This never happened, to my relief. Yes, I was discreet. No, I never hid in a toilet. I did it everywhere and what is wrong with that.
    Loved your post 🙂
    Shared on scoopit.

  14. Lylah Ledner

    that is so hysterical……and i could picture you drawing the media… go girl!

    xoxo lylah

  15. Jules

    The TSA is absurd! I read an article last week that the TSA is stopping people on the roadways in some states to do random searches of their vehicles. Watch out mothers in mini vans with babies! You might be mistaken for terrorists. Well, I guess those dirty diapers could be considered biological warfare.

  16. Heather's Blog-o-rama

    Falling off my chair, laughing out loud 🙂 🙂 Have a great week 🙂 Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

  17. Jen Lossing

    I almost lost it when I read this. Bless her heart for being patient and going along with this idiots idea. I would have freaked out and demanded to speak with a supervisor. I wouldn’t have stopped there either.

    I am new to your blog and am your newest follower!!


    I still cannot believe that in America a woman can be treated like this. I was flying this week and saw the TSA sign that said they promise to treat each person with respect. I wish that was true.

  19. Janette - The2Seasons

    We just got home from three weeks in Argentina. Modesty and nursing do not go together there. First of all, it was summer and everyone was “lettin’ ’em hang”. I saw more mothers nursing there in public and exposed and uncovered in three weeks than I have in this country in my entire life – and I’m old. I nursed both of our children, but I always used something to cover myself, like a diaper or blanket. Down there, a modesty cloth is non-existent.

  20. Lisa - the Granola Catholic

    I was completely falbbergasted by this TSA person, and you know what I would have been happy to breastfeed the baby right there in line too, or pump, which exposes more than breastfeeding. My kids did not like the blanket thing either btw.

  21. Christene

    Amen sister. Can we please be bffs?

  22. Christene

    Amen sister. Can we please be bffs?


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