Lots to Say…

Jun 4, 2008 | Simply Ang | 7 comments

…and no time to say it.

I know I’ve been gone a bit but I’ll be gone a bit more. Friday is my boy’s 3rd birthday and I am planning a family dinner party and slide show and next Saturday is my brothers wedding (music: “And He shall reign forever and ever! King of Kings! Hallelujah! Hallelujah…!”) and I am the “Matron of Honor” and doing a slide show for the wedding and Bachelorette party so my plate is a little full. Aidan is the ring bearer but my expensive tastes keep steering me towards Eton suits in the $70 range so I am forever scouring the internet for a little Prince William meets JohnJohn number – so far to no avail. Never mind my “garden of weedin“. Did I mention I need hair cut and hour away and my baby won’t take a bottle – how am I going to pull THAT off???

I do have several posts rolling around in my head on
-Celebrity weight loss after childbirth
-Honor status being pulled from Highschools (lest self esteems be hurt)
-McCain the “conservative”
-And some thoughts on my own personality and it’s quirks

To bad I can’t type while I’m sleeping.

So, to my loyal readers and all the new ones that are making me SO HAPPY – don’t give up on me and check back every few days – I may surprise myself and have time for a few new posts.
Love, Ang


  1. ssuzanness

    hey ang!!
    i thik i finally figured out how to post a comment!! you are SO busy!! would love to see your slide shows when you are finished with them.

    our garden looks pretty good. no sign of the tomatoes sprouting yet, but i’m sure they will soon.

    have fun!! suzy

  2. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Suzy! HOW FUNNY! There are NO tomatoes there yet – just the metal things! Will try to transplant some tomorrow!

  3. Homemakerang

    I can wait, you are worth it girlfriend!

    re the haircut: I have nursed during many pelvics, the haircut should be an easy one 🙂


    the other ang

    ps… regarding celeb weight loss after child birth… if someone would hand feed me all day for 9 months and i was wealthy, i may only gain the 20 also… i usually am in survival mode!

  4. Rebecca Ramsey

    You do have your hands full!
    Good luck with it all!

  5. Life in the 'Burbs

    I just finished a class on creativity, and many great minds get their best ideas while sleeping or in bed!! You should keep a scratch pad next to your pillow :o) Thanks for all the updates, I love knowing how all is going back in the homeland…Love ya

  6. Faith

    Hey, quit with the excuses and post already. Just kidding, but you know I check your blog every single day. Lokking forward to the sleep-posting.


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