…and no time to say it.

I know I’ve been gone a bit but I’ll be gone a bit more. Friday is my boy’s 3rd birthday and I am planning a family dinner party and slide show and next Saturday is my brothers wedding (music: “And He shall reign forever and ever! King of Kings! Hallelujah! Hallelujah…!”) and I am the “Matron of Honor” and doing a slide show for the wedding and Bachelorette party so my plate is a little full. Aidan is the ring bearer but my expensive tastes keep steering me towards Eton suits in the $70 range so I am forever scouring the internet for a little Prince William meets JohnJohn number – so far to no avail. Never mind my “garden of weedin“. Did I mention I need hair cut and hour away and my baby won’t take a bottle – how am I going to pull THAT off???

I do have several posts rolling around in my head on
-Celebrity weight loss after childbirth
-Honor status being pulled from Highschools (lest self esteems be hurt)
-McCain the “conservative”
-And some thoughts on my own personality and it’s quirks

To bad I can’t type while I’m sleeping.

So, to my loyal readers and all the new ones that are making me SO HAPPY – don’t give up on me and check back every few days – I may surprise myself and have time for a few new posts.
Love, Ang