Lost and Found, Joie de Vivre

Nov 2, 2018 | Recipes | 9 comments

I do hate the expression “come to Jesus moment”… perhaps it’s the association with the great Harpo. You know how much I love her.

But I suppose I’ve had a few recently. Arresting moments, that is. While it’s been the most amazing ten months of my life (aside from that first year as a mother), it’s also been extremely mentally stressful. Self-inflicted mostly.

Lost and Found, Joie de Vivre

I love to keep a full plate. I’m an extroverted/introvert, Type A, Creative, Achiever.

BOOM! In your face!

I’m a self-professed energizer bunny. I go, go, go and can’t help it. It’s good for me.

Lost and Found, Joie de Vivre

But dang. I’ve made some decisions this past year that put me in a position to carry burdens I didn’t need to, and those burdens were killing my creativity and sucking the life out of my joie de vivre. I had to sit down and reconcile with the fact that I was the only one who could make the decisions I needed to make to fix this problem. And so, I sat down and looked at my life, my business and my obligations and busted out the meat cleaver.

I hacked away at them until I could breathe.

I hacked away at them until I could think.

I hacked away at them until I could create.

I made business decisions.

I put a few extra animals on Craigslist.

I stopped putting myself outside my “zone of genius”. Cause when I’m outside that space I’m a stressed out, uncreative wreck.

Lost and Found, Joie de Vivre

In response to these little but dramatic changes, my shoulders began to loosen up, and the creativity needed to pursue everything that “Parisienne Farmgirl” is all about began to flow like a river. We celebrated this change in Momma by instituting a family Thirty Day Beach Challenge… which you can hear all about in the video below…

Always looking for the next project, I began to put my efforts into photography for a 2019 calendar that I could offer my readers. My big garden book project is already in the works but that will come to full fruition next year and for now, I wanted something to have fun with. I thought a calendar was a project I could really sink my teeth into. I was explaining my idea of a beautiful calendar titled “2019, A Year of Joie de Vivre” to a friend and mishearing me, she said, “Oh, so you’re going to write a day planner?” And I thought, DUGH.

Forget a calendar. I’m going to write a day planner.

Lost and Found, Joie de Vivre


The French expression joie de vivre means, joy of life and for me it’s a way of life. A non-negotiable. And so, I sat down this summer and fall and began to put my thoughts down as to intentional steps I’ve taken in my own life to turn down the noise and turn up the creativity; steps I’ve taken over the years to keep holidays simple and be present with the people I love when I’m with them. Simply put, ideas on keeping your mind and heart in a space where the mental clutter can be kept at bay and joy in the everyday moments can be experienced.


Lost and Found, Joie de Vivre
Lost and Found, Joie de Vivre
Lost and Found, Joie de Vivre


These are not radical ideas. Some, in fact, are very simple. More flowers, less screen time, cosier environments, more books, nurturing collections and hobbies…

And now it’s here. My new day planner, “2019, A Year of Joie de Vivre”.    Presenting you with 12 ideas for cultivating a sense of joie de vivre next year. Lovely photographs, a month at a glance, large weekly spreads to record your obligations and more. This is the perfect Christmas present so you will want to grab a few for sure. (How many times have you scrambled for a gift in that $24.95 price range, right?)

I’m happy to share with you that pre-sale is now open thru November 6th.

Click here to order. Shipping is included. When you order your book during this presale time (before it’s on Amazon) you will receive an extra little treat with your book… a thank you from my family and I for following us on this journey.   I personally want to thank my readers for their support.  Your own joy as a I fleshed this idea out this past summer has been motivating and encouraging.

Have bon weekend! I can’t wait to send you this book. To hear the full story behind “2019, A Year of Joie de Vivre” watch this latest episode of Everyday Château.


  1. Rachel C.

    Look at all of those fabulous boxwood starts! Your future knot garden in the making, I can just picture it. I see that you too have a much loved copy of Erin’s Cut Flower Garden. It’s on my bucket list to take her Online Workshop in the next few years, saving my pennies and nickels and dimes ;0) Until then I will just keep ordering their amazing seeds! I just picked the last of my Earl Grey Sweet Pea blooms (we still haven’t had our first frost.) The vines were kind enough to provide me with more seed for next years garden.

    • Parisienne Farmgirl

      Me too! I wish I could have started more. I might order a one gallon pot and hack it up to grown more all winter. I’ll be doing a post on how to….

  2. Becca

    Just ordered! I’d love tips on growing boxwood. Your picture of the little boxwood starts made me so happy!

    • Parisienne Farmgirl

      I’m actually working on a post about this. It’s SO FUN and easy! Watch for it:)

  3. Becca

    Thanks so much! I’m looking forward to reading your post.

  4. Raven

    Bonjour Angela!

    My name is Raven and I just had to write to say THANK YOU!

    I just discovered your Parisienne Farm Girl/ Everyday Chateau web page, and have enjoyed watching the wonderful journey that you and your beautiful family have been on. I just about cried watching the first video of your first moments in your new lovely home, chateau when Joel carried you over the threshold!

    When my husband and I watched the entire series it brought tears to our eyes to see such a beautiful example of a loving Mom and Dad committed to their family and how you all work together to achieve your families best life. Your husband is so tender with your children and they all are so well rounded in attitude and kindness towards each other, its just amazing. I have a friend named Angela, who is married to a wonderful man and they also have six children, an acreage, raise chickens and bees, homeschool and love The Lord. Watching your webisodes, and seeing how you two make it all happen is just so encouraging to us all! The episode of Anais’ Birthday just melted our hearts especially when everyone held hands and Daddy prayed to Jesus, a blessing over her life on her birthday.

    Your home is absolutely beautiful and so are YOU. If you ever read or listened to the audio book called ‘Adorned’ by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, you would find yourself on pages 222 – 224.

    Angela you truly are a ‘Proverbs 31 Woman’.

    My husband and I also bought a home in the country and although it was newer, we also have been making changes to make it look more like a home that has been here for centuries with stone floors, faux venetian plaster walls and any french detail I can create! I am very passionate about all things french and never want big box store style, but old world feels so much more ‘grounded’ and genuine.

    We also choose not to have TV or be persuaded with movies and media garbage, we eat 90% organic and even down to my makeup and skincare (BoHo made in France, Pure Anada made in Canada, Gabriel Cosmetics made in the USA). I am a retired model and have always believed in taking the time to eat healthy, look my best and do my best despite a terminal illness, that should have taken my life 15 years ago. But the Good Lord had other plans for me and I am convinced that eating organic, living clean and natural with less ‘junk’ has added to my quality of life without a doubt!

    This next year will be our first year with an all organic garden and as things progress, our life is just richer and happier with every prayerful step of the process.

    So Thank you again, for sharing your experiences, faith in Jesus, your home, your beautiful blessed family and your genuine lovely self. You are a beautiful example of an industrious, hardworking, loving wife and Mom. Truly, no higher calling in this life!

    May God continue to richly bless you and your family with health, strength, wisdom and love as you live out your life and share your story to the glory of God!

    Most Sincerely,

  5. Becca

    Hi Angela,
    I just wanted to check to see when you will be shipping the pre-ordered planners. I ordered through PayPal on 11/3/18, but haven’t received any shipping info. from you, yet. I did see that Amazon has Prime shipping with an 11/28/18 date, so I may just be anxious. I look forward to opening and using your planner.
    Many blessings,

  6. Becca

    I’m so excited! My package came today with lettering penned by one of your sweet babes in marker. What a precious treat! It’s taking all I have in me not to read it, but I’d already decided to follow it through the year instead of reading it cover to cover. We’ll see if I can hold out.
    P.S. I'd love pointers on publishing this way. I have a recipe book that my children want me to write and would like to go through the process you've followed.

  7. shirlene

    I just want to thank you so much for your blog and other online inspiration outlets. Sometimes life can just make you tired and tend to just sap your enthusiasm right out of you. When I look at your creations it sparks my passion back into me and gets me going once again. I need beauty in my life and that takes work and to get through that work you need your passion. Life wants to beat it out of you but people can be very instrumental in keeping that flame alive. You have done that for me and I get a lot from some of your older posts too and love the rants best of all because that is that wonderful life within you. You have never shied away from sharing your faith and I am glad of that, for without that the rest is pretty much useless. So thanks for being uplifting in what could be an oppressive world.


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