So, our home is only so big, and while I thought you might be sick of seeing it over and over again... you did ask for more design posts on the survey.
This Momma has not had a design job in about 3 years… so I swear, I would post other people’s homes if I could.  (Not that I would not love to but I have put a bit more focus into motherhood and photography….) So for now, it’s me and the chickens, (and sometimes Gramma) moving furniture around, tapping nails and having fun.

Some fun leftovers from the sale helped… like my Chateau de Chenonceau sign…I could not believe it when it did not sell but secretly, I was happy… I can easily make one if someone wants one, but this one… it’s mine.   It’s so in-your-face in an old farmhouse like ours…

We have nothing really grand.  Most everything is trouvé... found.  Some of it is Great Gramma’s like the rust red pitcher full of silverware or the hand stitched country quilt hanging over a Louis sofa… again… Parisienne Farmhouse… (“Pied -a- Terre to Maison des Pierres Chic” mixing Paris with the Farm… ) The dining room table is the only piece of new furniture we have and that is simply cause I did not have the patience to find “the perfect harvest table”.

Really liking the way things are coming together… when I bought those architectural prints torn for an old french book I knew I wanted to string them from a wire…  but I actually surprised myself when I pulled it off.  Who puts a sofa, let alone clothespins in a dining room?
The perfect place to sip your aperitif.

Sprucin’ up 247 for our special Friday guests.
A sigh of relief be breathed after their visit but in the meantime the Parisienne Farmhouse has never looked better!
Where’s a magazine editor when you need one???
Thanks for looking!!!!  
P.S.  Recently, I have begun to receive inquiries as to our paint colors, furniture prices, sources etc… please feel free to email any questions you may have.  I’d love to help.


  1. Anne Marie

    not magazine worthy Ange….book worthy….that one shot of your pictures up on the line – wow – my favorite for sure!

    how exciting!!! I love seeing all your changes………love!

  2. Privet and Holly

    Whimsical, cozy, warm and so YOU!
    Love how your beautiful place is
    such a lovely HOME and a reflection of all that you value and appreciate. Can’t believe that you have time to play with your decorating with such young’uns in the house! xx Suzanne

  3. Ann at eightacresofeden

    In a word GORGEOUS! I am so pleased I have seen someone else display prints on a wire with clothes pegs. I have some old faded Flower Fairy postcards and had thought of doing this in my girls’ room but then ‘conventional’ decorating crept back into my thoughts and I started looking for frames – haven’t found the right ones, so I’m getting some old fashioned wooden ‘dolly’ pegs and painting them. You have inspired me!
    I have just purchased a huge old vintage wardrobe to turn into a ‘homemakers’ cupboard. It is typical dark teak – any ideas for paint colours other than white? I’m also thinking of adding lightweight ironwork panels to the doors. Must coordinate with a timber hall table but floors and walls are antique white.
    I much prefer to see people’s real homes on blogs rather than magazine shots – it inspires me more than any ‘staged’ or styled picture.

  4. BonjourRomance

    Bonjour Ange,
    Everything looks marvelous. Trés grande in fact because you’ve filled it with lots of love. You and the ‘chickens’ have done a fabulous job. I am red-faced for not emailing as promised, je suis trés occupé, but that is no excuse. I WILL be in touch!
    Bonne semaine,

  5. Anne - Fiona and Twig

    I love how you’re not the least bit afraid of color. Too much white makes me itch! 🙂

  6. Valerie

    Love your interiors! Love your use of color! Love it all! Thanks for sharing with us once again!

  7. Jennifer Rizzo

    You’ve been busy! It looks great! Enjoy any special guests that my come by 🙂

  8. My Yellow House

    Good Morning! I had to finally post a comment…I love seeing all your rooms in one post. Your home is above gorgeous-very chic and very comfortable looking. I adore all your unique pieces and the colors are amazing. I never thought I would want to turn Parisienne farmgirl until I saw all your rooms! I don’t think I would ever leave the room with that GORGEOUS green sofa! Really, it’s all just beautiful….
    Enjoy your guests and blessings to you all…

  9. Shelia

    Oh, I love seeing your home. Beautiful photography too!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  10. Pamela

    With so many all white blogs out there it is refreshing to see Colour!! That blue with the green couch is a gorgerous combination !
    I like the light blue walls with the red curtains i never would have thought it would go.
    Lovely home.
    Pamela from French Buttons

  11. annie

    A pic IS worth a thousand words…
    (you are SO ready!—have fun!)

  12. Victoria

    I’ll echo Anne Marie, what’s up with your book? Talk about a moneymaker.. Once it’s published you just sit back and enjoy the checks rolling in.

    When I saw the drawings strung up, I had no idea what part of your house I was looking at! I thought it was the bedroom, then just gave up. =) Your house never gets old.

  13. Victoria

    Oh, and it’s bugging me because i’m nosy – who are your guests?

  14. Carolyne

    Love, *Love* Looooove all the cozy corners in your home. I am so glad you’re eclectic… is so Real and Honest.
    I always enjoy my visits.

  15. Julie

    Just gorgeous! Love the fact that it not only looks elegant and chic, but also looks cozy and comfortable as well. Love all the color too. You’ve inspired several decorating projects for me this weekend . . .

  16. Michelle@Fromhousetohome

    I made my way here through Anne Marie and I’m so glad I did. What a beautiful home you have! You have such talent! I’m off to look through your old posts. Nice to “meet” you!


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