A Little Levity to Start Our Week

This is a recent family favorite – yes, we are that family that watches You Tube clips and laughs til we cry when we get together. It never fails. Someone always has a funny YouTube clip to share. Nic and Vic, we thought of you with this one.
This one came via email from Farm Girl Cyn – I, swear it’s funnier each time. And the rest of this guys material is family friendly and much of it is just as hilarious…or more so (Cletis take the Reel makes my husband cry and gasp for breath at the same time!!! Miss Nada – Bet Jason would do the same!)
…And you thought “Christian Comedian” was oxy-moronic.

8 thoughts on “A Little Levity to Start Our Week”

  1. OMG, I did indeed lmao, hysterical! Great laugh for so early in the morning. I’m off to find the address and send this to my kids, they will love it too.

  2. Shamelessly butting in with an off topic comment to tell you I watched Easy Virtue last night. I’m so glad you recommended this movie! It was indeed hilarious. I needed a good laugh and the can can scene and subsequent audience reaction literally had me screaming with laughter!!! So fun!

  3. I just wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed reading your blog the past day or so. I just discovered you! I especially appreciate the strong, uncompromising stand you take with regards to faith and morals. You have convictions and you’re not afraid to defend them.
    Well done!
    All the best,

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