style="text-align: center;">Someone recently mentioned they would like to see a little more of baby J. 
It’s a busy week and I am gearing up for the final installment of “Teach your Kids to Eat” so here are a couple pics of The Littlest One – especially for the Gramma’s and Great Aunts.
Photos are S.O.C. and flash is still broken… be kind.
 Staying warm in this 150 year old house and ready to chow down!
 Juliette and her new cousine!  9 months apart… was she ever THAT little?
 You are a joy to me!  
Look at those silly little teeth!
Juliette is the happiest of babies. 
  Ready to have fun at any moment.  And desperately trying to keep up with her big brother and sister.
So precious.
Big Brother’s new trick.
Momma loves you Hoolie.
“And I thought I loved you then.”