I know I’ve got a lot of new “followers” – most of which were not around for my tirades during the election. Last time I blogged about our beloved king of Hope and Change I lost a “follower” so I’ll start by lovingly saying, “If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.” Or like my Mom said when I told her I was braving another political blog, “Find a new Farmhouse.” THAT made me laugh.

No, really. Even if you don’t agree. Stick around. I’ll do a food or decorating post real soon! Probably even later today!

I’ve been laying low, muffling my disgust with the President. I can’t take it anymore. If he is not willing to go “line by line” as he promised he would than allow me to take a stab at it…Each “line” is a link.
What no one wants to talk about is the financial end of this. What no one wants to talk about is the false dichotomy of “Either we use them for research or throw them away.” (Which, if we were a culture of life, we would all know this is not true – did you know people actually ADOPT and then in plant unwanted embryos??) Did you know that NON EMBRYONIC stem cell research is actually producing results worldwide? What does it say about us as a culture when we decide who’s life matters more; Michael J. Fox’s or an innocent life just beginning? I’ll tell you what it says, it says we are sick and that we think we are God. Oh, I forgot, He’s dead.
The man OPENS HIS MOUTH and the markets plummet!! CLUE PHONE – the markets don’t trust you, they don’t like your plans and thank you very much but the hard working American people deserve more than your condescending, “What I am looking at is not the day to day gyrations of the stock market…” GOOD LORD, can you imagine if Bush (who I also thought was rather flippant) had said that??? Wake up Obamatrons, the market has dropped OVER 2500 since the election. Feelin’ that hope!
How many tax evaders has he invited on board? I’ve lost track.
This is sick. You can kiss you religious hospitals bye-bye if we go on down this path!
If someone could just explain to me why this man is so hellbent on punishing people for being successful. It’s really insulting and says a lot about us that we are letting this happen in America. Land of opportunity. This link will provide you with great articles found at the Wall Street Journal – they explain in depth what this will do to charitable giving in this country.
My thermostat is set on 58-64 throughout a 24 hour period just like a good little conservationist (I am NOT an environmentalist) but alas, poor B.O. is used to balmier temps – I hear it’s nice and warm in Indonesia, why not go back?
It’s the Office of the President. Put on a suit, get your feet off the desk and show up on time. You’re a Head of State for the love of heaven!
He cares about children’s education but funny, is willing to nix the measly 12 million it would take to keep some underprivileged kids in Sidwell Friends and the like. You know, despite what they say, rich elitists don’t want want the riff raff around – just think about Nancy Pelosi’s response to the Gitmo boys being dumped in her neighborhood.
Dissed by Russia and a K.G.B. thug. We must look like the biggest bunch of pansies. I would have rather been hated by the world (which is NOT true, that is just a lie the Loony Left wants you to believe) that to be thought that we had a girly President who tries to do deals with a K.G.B. punk and reach out to the “moderate Taliban.” Why doesn’t he just invite them to one of the next big Wednesday night White House Parties while he’s at it?
So, there. Very inarticulate I know but the chickens were pullin on my leg and sometimes my disgust muddies my words. The links are good and at least someone attempted to go “line by line.”