Let’s Go…Time’s a Wastin’

Mar 4, 2006 | Random Thoughts | 1 comment

All’s I can say is that if a light-in-the-loafers cowboy wins over a real cowboy…well, I’m gonna be ticked enough to get time in Folsum.
And if Issac Mizzrahi, that Boy-Named-Sue ever reached out and grabbed MY boob he would Cry, Cry, Cry and find himself in a Burnin’ Ring of Fire and there would be no Peace in the Valley.

I Won’t Back Down and I will find myself Five Feet High and Risin if Paul what’s-his-butt wins for his supporting role in Cinderella Man. I’ll be writing you all a Tear Stained Letter on Monday if he looses.

In reality, none of this pop culture crap matters when you have Your Own Personal Jesus.

1 Comment

  1. cityfarmer

    Flashbacks of the Frey Girl party.
    The social event of the year.
    What would Joan Rivers say?
    My prayers were answered…BBM out of the limelight of movie of the year!!!!

    Go Johnny go.
    Now that’s country music


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