Let the Sun Shine

Jan 12, 2006 | Full Time Family | 2 comments

Fifty-some-odd degrees forcasted for today and the sunlight is streaming thru the eastern windows this morning. A run, a promanade with the stroller and surely some gardening are in order! It causes one to wonder what in the world caused our forfathers to settle so far north.
Today I don’t have tons to write about. Nothing is really grinding at me. I will just run through a few things here so you can all stop bugging me about my next blog… There is political crap going on like people petitioning and protesting to have the President impeached on the grounds of crimes against humanity – the crime among others that they are citing is…get this…abstinance education. That is almost funny and I hardly care but I thought you should know how wierd some people are.
I could tell you about Paris and how very much I miss it on days like today. The last time I was there I experienced the winter to spring transition. Why bother to tell you how much I love it there and how magical it is…words wouldn’t help. I am however almost done editing my journals from that trip and will then proceed to try to get them published. It makes me wonder what I am doing settled this far east.
I could tell you how much I enjoy sitting around the dinner table with my boys. One thoroughly enjoying his food after a long days work and the other smashing and grinding it into the table because he can’t really pick it up yet. This same boy is rocking on all fours and ready to take off any day. Time to clean the floors Frey Girl.
I could tell you that I apologize for any confusion over the last blog. I am not listing that as the BIG sin. It was more about BIG pain that that lifestyle brings and BIG deceit in advertising. I could write equally scathing blogs about how greed and envy are promoted in the media and how they have affected my life. It might however, hit too close to home and then it might be you in the hot seat of conviction and not someone else. I suppose that upon occasion a greed and envy check up is not such a bad thing. Mabybe I will and maybe I will.
I could tell you how much I miss my friends that I don’t keep in “good enough” contact with. Palatine, Chicago, Grand Rapids – you know who you are.
I could tell you that my new favorite form of entertainment is The Dennis Prager Show (DennisPrager.com) It’s talk radio and if you just give it a day or two you will fall in love and have your brain excercised at the same time.
I could also tell you that I have just sat here for twenty precious naptime minutes. I told there wasnt much to talk about. Just go outside.

PS – Dont give me any crap about spellcheck. I can’t get it to work and I can not spell!


  1. Amanda

    Ang, that’s a great picture. I do look to see if you’ve blogged pretty much everyday, so you do need to be a little more consistent. Or maybe, you should publish a book, since you’re such a wonderful writer and get serious! I miss you too and I’m assuming you were including me in your GR friends. If you weren’t, screw you! HA! Anyway, I’m due in like 3 weeks, so I’ll send some pics as soon as #2 is born. Love you girl!

  2. julee

    I enjoy the schizophrenic feel of a passionate post and then the next…just a day in the life post.


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