Les Photos de Noël

Dec 31, 2008 | Full Time Family | 1 comment

Aidan and an addition to his “Simon” collection.  By Gilles Tibo these books are the sweetest stories of a little boy discovering animals and nature, they are au francais of course and I have been reading them to Aidan since he was a year old.  He loves them!  We have just four more to go!

Mon TouTou

Come on Mom, just let us open our presents!

Auntie Chelsea and WALL-E!

The moment we were all dreaming of back in August!  Praise you Jesus!

(Beautiful!) Auntie Victoria!!!  (She might not like me to say that but every time I look at her I am bowled over by her spiritual and physical beauty.  Her desire to be a Proverbs 31 Woman makes her radiant!

Amélie is always coming…

…and going.  Ever the explorer!

A serious case of Uncle Worship.

Me-n-“LeeLee”  (Can you say, “In need of a New Year’s Makeover???”  Oh André!!!)

L.B.B.  Litte Big Buns.

Waiting to Go to Grams

Joel’s Dad over Christmas Morn’

Another Bébé (Amélie’s first word, Madame Alexander Doll and obsession.  (She got two this year but the one from me is officially being called the first!) 

Aidan joyfully adds to his Thomas Collection.  The lighthouse and lift bridge!

A Rockettes M.A. doll from Grandpa – signed by the Rockettes to Amélie.
Christmas was and always is low-key around here.  I  love it that way.  Modest gifts and a laid back “look, we all know we love each other, now is not the time to prove it” type schedule.  This year we did however see each other three days in a row!  The party, Christmas evening at Mom’s and again for a visit the next day.  I love it.  A constant rotation of conversation, funny You Tube clips, talks of the Lord, food, wine, Luke 2, music, kids dancing, knitting…we are so very blessed indeed.  It was a Joyeaux Noël.

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  1. Faith

    Such great pictures!!! Looks like a lovely Holiday was had by all. I miss you.


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