Les Photos de Noël … or a least a lot of them.

Dec 26, 2009 | Uncategorized | 14 comments

The day before the party. Twelve hours in the kitchen, A quadruple batch of cinnamon rolls, tripling of the egg soufflé recipe, cake decorating and two munchkins posing under the tree…

The birthday girl. The bruch, the dress, the cake…

What do you get a husband who has been working 90+ hours a week and NEVER buys anything for himself? Twenty six bottles of wine that’s what!

A friend you’ve had for years, the “Cinderella” cake exactly as you envisioned it and a priceless gift from God…

No words.

Thank you’s and tender moments…

Aunt Victoria and Uncle Nic, Homemade headbands and tool kits…

The growing family (and belly)…

A few more presents from an out of state and aunt uncle. Kid’s wondering when the fun will end…
And now, the once immaculate house is trashed, Lego’s, books, “hot tire” cars, Cinderella dolls, cinnamon rolls, empty champagne bottles and one exhausted pregnant Momma.
Joel just let for work. The snow is lovely but won’t stop falling which hopefully won’t ruin my plans to go to my aunt’s house to see G & G again and my brother and his wife…everyone is already calling with their opinion that I should stay put…I want to go so bad.
Hopefully Joel won’t have a full afternoon of work and he can drive us but for now, I am still in my jammies bathed in the glorious perfume that Joel bought me for Christmas (the first time we have exchanged gifts in 5 years!), the kids are loving it cause Mom is letting them watch Veggie Tales over and over (I try to limit their screen time to about two movies a week so they think my exhaustion is great! I didn’t even have the energy to make my annual day after trip to Target for discounted wrappings and decor.) I am having a pizza delivered sometime in the next thirty minutes and naptime is in less than two hours – could things be better???
Only with this baby finally in my arms.
Hope your Christmas was cozy and memorable and that the rest of your weekend is relaxing and warm.


  1. Teri

    I was looking through your archives today… as I do quite frequently, and I found your French Baguette recipe. Guess what? After a quick trip to the store for fresh yeast, I made my first ones ever… and they turned out very well!

    Doing a happy dance as I chew! Later we will break open a bottle of red and pretend we are in Paris… ahhhhhhhhh!


  2. Farmgirl Cyn

    Beautiful photos, even more beautiful memories.
    26 bottles of wine???? Me thinks you have ulterior motives, my dear!

  3. sissie

    You have such a beautiful family. Your daughter looks so sweet in her dress that you posted about.
    All your holiday photos are great.

  4. Anne~fiona and twig

    There is no way your sweet family could be any cuter.
    Wait, there is!!! When the new lil’ wee one arrives in 3 weeks!

    Wishing you and yours a very blessed New Year!


  5. Jen

    Looks like a beautiful Christmas! I’m exhausted from our own festivities, but I can’t imagine doing it all as pregnant as you are! Enjoy your down time!

  6. Bonjour Madame

    Wonderful photos and such a happy celebration it looks like you had. The dress came out so perfect, worthy of hanging in full view for all to see when it’s not being worn!

  7. cityfarmer

    our rooms are all empty …the memories remain

    …a very funfilled weekend starting with the birthday celebration …

  8. martha

    Baby?????? Your Christmas photos are perfection. I know you’ll treasure them more as each year passes.
    How on earth did you accomplish all this in your last trimester?

  9. Jen Chandler

    Such beautiful photos! You look radient and your children are precious as can be. Your darling husband works 90+ hours a week?!? He deserves all those bottles of wine indeed!

    It looks like your Christmas was merry and very bright.

    Here’s to a very happy and blessed new year to you and yours!

  10. Joy

    The photo of your daughter with the Cinderella Barbie–oh, she is so precious! What a face. Take care.

  11. Anne Marie

    hey Ang! I was just showing Joseph these photos….and he said “she looks like a French Princess!! with all those curls….she’s SUCH a French Princess!”

    thought you’d like to hear that 🙂

  12. mary from michigan

    OOOOOOHHHHH! The photo’s are beautiful and i’m sure the memories are even more so! The dress you made your cute lil chick is adorable and i am swooning for the little handmade headbands, especially the one with the flower. It probably looks even cuter because it is on a little head full of curls. Happy New Year to you all!

  13. Amy

    oh angela!
    your home, your family, your images so beautiful! nice to meet you… and thank you for visiting. you are inspiring!
    my best wishes to you as you prepare and welcome your newest precious little baby.


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