I would make a horrible atheist.  A thousand times a day I see the hand of God.  Lately I see it most at the play table.  

When was the last time you saw God in Legos? 
 No, there are no weeping Virgins appearing in the pile of yellow, red and blue bricks but there is a 3 1/2 year old angel who stands for hours and sings songs to himself as he creates.  Creative, just like his Maker.
He is so small and I know I am the Mom so everything he does is amazing but I have got to say, for someone so small the perseverance in sorting and sorting to find the right piece, the planning and patience, the attention span…it blows my mind.  We have two drawers full of thousands of pieces of hand-me-down Legos – this week his focus apparently has been “small parts” for he has managed to find all these little pieces that I did not know we had.  He makes “sidewalks”  “garages” “towers” and “rooms where Mom’s and Dad’s watch a Mom and Dad movie after the kid’s are in bed.”  (I keep telling him to just wait ’til we go to “Two Grams”* house and play with great Uncle Ron and John’s Legos – THEY ARE THE BEST!)
Enter me.  I too love Legos.  In a really sick, maybe it’s time to grow up sort of way.  I too can play FOR HOURS, abandoning all housework and food preparation, even going to the bathroom just to make something that I think is cool.  I have serious fantasies of going on Ebay and buying huge box lots of the really creative pieces – arches, roof angles, fences…the mind reels.
The other day Aidan and I were dreaming up what we could build when Aidan (who is more obsessed with the Eiffel Tower than I am) suggested we build our own, which led to Notre Dame, The Arch de Triumph and finally, Les Invalides.  I went nuts, I could not stop.  Sorting and sorting til I found pieces in our limited “inventory” to pull off something that resembled the Parisian monuments.  Then we got the crazy idea to take pictures of our masterpieces using a coffee table book of Paris as a backdrop.  Aidan is frighteningly becoming pretty handy with IPhoto and we had fun changing the photos to Sepia or Black and White.  Way, way to much fun.  I swear his creativity level is that of a 10 year old but I know, I am the adoring mother.  If I sent him off to pre-school how would we have time for crazy stuff like this???
Anyways, I thought you might like to see his work.  
la tour eiffel
l’arc de Triumph
Notre Dame
les Invalides
Bon Vendredi. 
Happy Friday.

*In case you are a new reader, “Two Grams” is what numerically obsessed Babes calls my Gramma, shortly after he came up with that he dubbed City Farmer “One Gram”.
And don’t worry Gramma, I know right where the box is in the Big House.