You all know my disdain for Walmart.
Thank the Lord for the thousands of jobs they provide these days/ But it’s really a catch 22 when you consider all that stuff fabrique en chine has surely cost us job loss in America over the years.
Walmart seems to bring out the worst in people (like pagan “high priests”) and myself… I always get so cranky if I have to run in. Typically, I refuse to go there because of the affect I let it have on my nerves, but the other day I needed landscape fabric (weed barrier) and I could not stomach one more trip to Home Depot, to their overpriced garden section.
“Everybody get dressed!” I shouted.
 This is how LeeLee came down the stairs.
Hello Kitty glitter t-shirt, “Cow boots” on the wrong feet, goodwill skirt, brothers Lightening McQueen pajama bottoms and a NASCAR Pink Junior sock cap.
 How could I not! ??????
It may be rather uncharitable of me… but for a thousand good laughs you’ve got to visit
I swear, they could take all those photos in ONE DAY at ours!