Tired of outrageous prices at the grocers? Get out a shovel and plant a garden!

Sod cutter – $15 a day
Organic French and Italian Heirloom Variety Seeds – $80
Compost – $35 a yard (got chickens? Chicken poop will suffice!)

Daily Harvest and Pleasure? – Priceless!

I think it’s official. I must be a farmer or something. I simply get giddy being out in my little potager. Surely nothing was meant to be that enjoyable. Pulling weeds, pinching back basil, carefully searching for green beans inside my tee-pees…I just can not believe how much pleasure the entire process brings me. I can breath deeply and think very clear when it’s just me and my vegetables!
Never mind that fact that every day I can take what Aidan and I call our “Harvest Basket” out and FILL it with food for dinner and to stock my freezer. We eat so much produce around here – in fact, I have not prepared or eaten meat since June 6th – (my killer pork loin for Aidan’s Birthday.)
I have the garden photographed below (my potager) and another one around the corner at a friends house (she was gracious enough to dig up park of her back yard when gas prices shot up to $4 – I had had plans to dig a big one at a park district lot about 30 minutes away).

I have not hardly journaled about the pleasures of le jardin et le potager yet this summer so here are some photos of my little paradise and it’s bounty…

You simply HAVE to double click on some of these to enlarge them!

my potagerle jardin

The second year of my clipped Boxwoods

Cucumbers!!! True Lemon
Zucchini Bread with a Twist

The view from the Wisteria
“Hollycocks”…as Aidan calls them!
“I’m a Garden Boy” Mom.

Shredded Zucs for the Bread and beans, beans, beans!
Rainbow carrots!

Got Purple Globe Thistle?