Le Jardin Aujourd’hui (The Garden Today)

May 26, 2010 | From France to the Farm, Gardening | 27 comments

In the last 48 hours I have,
gone off the deep end.
I am sunburned, my hands ache, so much so that this typing hurts, this morning I woke up shaky.
I’ve shop-vac-ed out my pond, weeded ’til I thought I could weed no more, pulled, yanked, moved… laid a 1/2 ton of pea gravel (ton and a half more to go laying in the driveway).
So much for recovering from the sale!
I take that back, I’ll be with Jesus.
Enjoying HIS gardens!
Lots of changes in the garden coming soon that I can not wait to share with you but for now… a little late spring color!
The pond – pre cleaning.
Have you ever seen such a charming cesspool?
Man Cub.
This is Baptisia Australis and I love it.
It was many years old when we moved it and thank the LORD it survived. It’s color is such a joy for me in May and it provides excellent screening for our Terrace.
Got Snow?
 Snow in Summer that is. (Cersastium Tomentosum)
 I owe ALL my Snow in Summer to my neighbor Beth who’s gardens put mine to shame. I have to always tell myself, “She’s been there 20 years, she has two incomes, and now a teenage son to do labor…” Never mind that a few years ago her sister bought the house next door and they have melded the properties perfectly… really… I walk down often and get inspired.
Soon the fountain will fill that empty wall and hopefully this summer, so will a pergola!!!
My shade garden for now. My tree was struck by lightening three years ago, it’s the largest pine tree I have EVER seen… it’s not looking so good these days. I pray it lasts as it cools the house and provides such a lovely home for the many varieties of Hosta, ferns, Forget me Nots, etc.
I wish you many delightful moments in the garden this summer.


  1. Ann at eightacresofeden

    Your garden looks beautiful Ang. Love that baptista australis, so pretty. I will have to tell you about my water garden in an email sometime. It is actually a natural swimming pond built by my husband complete with a waterfall and rock slide. We swam in it this summer – just magical. We are still doing the landscaping – eventually hope to have a cabana nearby where an old shed now stands. The plants keep the water oxygenated and the water is clear – I’m just amazed at this, no chemicals required! I’m looking forward to the iris coming into flower. So far I have not had to do any weeding apart from thinning out some water lilies. And no watering required – I love water plants!

  2. Tracie~MyPetiteMaison

    I love Snow in Summer, keep forgetting I’d really like some here at my house. Your garden is lovely, Angela. I’m with you, need to remind myself to be patient with wants (regarding the neighbor’s garden). You’d better get some rest and take care of yourself at least a little bit, sounds like you certainly deserve it!

  3. Tami


  4. 1 Funky Woman

    Your garden is like out of a book! What a wonderful place for your little ones to play!

  5. Anne Marie

    you are a maniac…….and I love you for that! you are totally inspiring me to do more……but also make it to somewhere where there are no weeds!

    p.s. let’s get that pergola started eh?

  6. jessica m

    Hello! 🙂 Your gardens are a total inspiration for me as my hubby and I begin the journey of owning our very first house. Really they are breath taking and get my creative garding juices flowing! I am following you now and thanks for sharing!!!

  7. Jenny

    I just looked over your barnsale (so awesome, chic, and delicious looking) and now your beautious garden and have one thing to say….you rock! Blessings to you.

  8. Anne Marie

    i had to come see this post again –

    wow Ange –

  9. sharon

    The pictures of your garden are really stunning. Well done, your hard work is seriously paying off.
    I adore the way you group the clumps of flowers, continual colour yet distinct plants – very clever. We had a huge thunderstorm here last night and all my peonies that are about to open are looking very worried this morning.

  10. Privet and Holly

    I love that you are making your garden dreams come true. It is, truly, so much work, especially in the beginning! I’ve neglected mine the last few years as the kids’ activities have taken me away from the house more and more, but this spring I’m rediscovering the fulfillment of making the gardens sing. It’s rearranging time out there, which just takes the right frame of mind and the right temps ~ it’s been HOT here! xx P&H

  11. Joannah

    What a beautiful garden!

  12. Jen Chandler

    Your garden is a respite of peace and color. Thank you for giving us a tour 🙂 I know you’re enjoying it!

  13. Valerie

    Beautiful…stunningly beautiful!

  14. Belle de Ville

    Oh your photos….stunning.
    How lovely to have such a beautiful garden to spend time in. I’m jealous.

  15. Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam

    Beautiful, just beautiful…my garden is truly suffering already this summer and I’m just starting. 🙂 Need to work on that.

  16. Stephanie

    It looks like something out of a magazine, seriously. You are good.

  17. Raymonde

    Beautiful garden! I love the hostas in the shade and yours does not get eaten by the escargots!

    You don’t stop do you, after the fantastic sale, le jardin.

    It definitely is worth is though.

    Au revoir. A bientôt. xxx

  18. Rebecca

    Your garden is magnificent… Just wonderful to look upon!
    Thank you for sharing your hard work with us!

  19. cityfarmer

    you come by this VERY honestly …
    let’s see, there is Lily, Barbara, Thelma … thank God for this baton that was passed …. this is truly exquisite, Ang …

    I’d give anything we could stroll thru great gramma Bauer’s together.
    every image of her her garden remains burned in my memory … down to the the day dresses, and the seed packets peeking out of her apron pockets.

    a flood of memories never to be forgotten

  20. Amy

    I would love a garden like this! but I don’t have a clue. you are such a talent!

  21. Faith

    Wow, so beautiful!!!! You are AMAZING!!

  22. Cottage Remnant

    oh my goodness… what a beautiful garden…. well done….reminds me of the old hymn
    ♫”I come to the garden alone, where the dew is still on the roses…… and He walks with me and He talks with me, and He tells me I am His own”♫

    Be blessed♥

  23. SK

    Curious about shop-vaccing the pond–do you completely vacuum all water? :)Thanks!

  24. Lou Cinda

    Oh ~ My ~ Stars!! Your garden is gorgeous!! Stimply stunning! I could sit out there all day long and just admire and be in awe of it. Of course, I would help you weed if you needed me to! lol


    Lou Cinda 🙂


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