style="text-align: center;">In the last 48 hours I have,
gone off the deep end.
I am sunburned, my hands ache, so much so that this typing hurts, this morning I woke up shaky.
I’ve shop-vac-ed out my pond, weeded ’til I thought I could weed no more, pulled, yanked, moved… laid a 1/2 ton of pea gravel (ton and a half more to go laying in the driveway).
So much for recovering from the sale!
I take that back, I’ll be with Jesus.
Enjoying HIS gardens!
Lots of changes in the garden coming soon that I can not wait to share with you but for now… a little late spring color!
The pond – pre cleaning.
Have you ever seen such a charming cesspool?
Man Cub.
This is Baptisia Australis and I love it.
It was many years old when we moved it and thank the LORD it survived. It’s color is such a joy for me in May and it provides excellent screening for our Terrace.
Got Snow?
 Snow in Summer that is. (Cersastium Tomentosum)
 I owe ALL my Snow in Summer to my neighbor Beth who’s gardens put mine to shame. I have to always tell myself, “She’s been there 20 years, she has two incomes, and now a teenage son to do labor…” Never mind that a few years ago her sister bought the house next door and they have melded the properties perfectly… really… I walk down often and get inspired.
Soon the fountain will fill that empty wall and hopefully this summer, so will a pergola!!!
My shade garden for now. My tree was struck by lightening three years ago, it’s the largest pine tree I have EVER seen… it’s not looking so good these days. I pray it lasts as it cools the house and provides such a lovely home for the many varieties of Hosta, ferns, Forget me Nots, etc.
I wish you many delightful moments in the garden this summer.