(Or should I say, “Le Frigo est arrivé”…oh my french…pitiful…)

When Momma’s Happy
Everybody is Happy!
And let me tell you, this is a happy, happy house!
No more ice chunks, no more frozen lettuce, NO MORE DUCT TAPE!
What a mess to clean the old one all out while the delivery guys were putting that beautiful behemoth of a freezer in my garage. Oh my goodness, my kitchen looked like a war zone. After I got the old fridge emptied I gave it one more really good kick – that’s just the kind of girl I am! They had to take the doors off and my front door off just to get that tank out of the house! Here is another photo in case you weren’t convinced I needed a new one…notice the bottom of the freezer door!
And now, look at this lovely, sleek, efficient, SA-WANKY thang below!!!
Last night Joel Baby worked again til (It’s 7 days a week 15+ hour days around here as we prepare for winter. Praising God for the work but missing our family time!) Anyways, I gave myself a break and watched Notting Hill on You Tube in 7 minute chunks and then at 9:30 got it in my craw to clean the house, so I did.

OH LA LA!!!!

Go ahead, open my fridge! There is no shame now!

Like you care – but here is a close up!

And of course the new freezer – part of the “Put Up or Shut Up” challenge.
It’s Monday, wash is on the line, the house looks like that of a bonified Frey Girl*, any ice in the house is where it’s supposed to be…I’m going out to the garden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!