Launch Party– What to Wear, What to Wear?

Feb 29, 2012 | Fashion, Parisienne Farmgirl Magazine | 21 comments

The launch party will be here before we know it 
and I have a pretty good idea what I am going to wear
(It would be nice if these last 15 baby pounds would get lost!  That’s a whole ‘nother post.)
So many styles… so few occasions…
What are you thinking?
Vintage clothes are so wonderful for a party!  
So unique but not always the most comfortable.
I think of these few examples if I COULD I would love that yellow Oscar de la Renta number!  But alas, that is not in the cards.
If you were coming what would you wear?
If you are coming what are you going to wear?
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Sources for these photos can be found by clicking their description.


  1. Priscilla

    You’d probably look good in any old gunny-sack – NO, no, NO – not that kind of Gunne Sax, like you wore when you were a little girl! I’m just mean you will look stunning in what ever you chose.

  2. Amanda

    If only IL weren’t so far away, I’d totally be going.
    But if I were going, I’d pull out one of my favorite spring/summer dresses from the closet – they’re in want of wear after this winter!

  3. Stephanie

    That yellow shoe is a modern day Marie Antoinette style. I love it!

    Let’s see, since you are ushering in a new era with the magazine, it must be fabulous. I say you make it your own, take a risk with whatever you put together whether it be a bold color or mixing vintage and modern and have fun with it. I can’t wait to see what you came up with. (I wish it could be in person!)

  4. J. Beaudet

    I like the vintage and the romantic choices. It’s hard to choose though!

  5. Anonymous

    I think it’s great that you have soooo much time to contemplate what to wear to the Launch Party–
    I’m certain you will be able to whip up something magical while bathing the children, baking, working on the magazine and cooking a gourmet meal. Perhaps a date night with your hubby would be a nice addition. Still waiting to hear how your home schooling is working out.

    • Anonymous

      You sound like you are consumed with envy!

  6. Anonymous

    Dear Anonymous or should we say “Denise,” since your current response is very similar in style to a comment that was made on Feb 26, 2012.

    You seem so sarcastic.

    Could you be jealous?

    If it bothers you that Parisienne Farmgirl, indulges in sewing dresses for her daughters, bakes homemade desserts, cooks gourmet meals and spends her evenings working on the magazine instead of watching TV, then perhaps this blog isn’t for you.

    If reading her blog brings out your cynical side…then just walk away…..

    But remember, you chose to visit or subscribe to this blog….


    P.S.: It’s one thing to ask how Angela’s children are doing with their homeschooling…..
    It’s another thing to demand it.

    Please use your manners.

  7. Renata

    Definitely the romantic ~ lovely dress!
    I’m sure you’ll find the perfect thing anyway ~ you always look amazing!
    Have a wonderful day

  8. Lynn@ The Vintage Nest

    A flirty, effortlessly chic silk and cotton tunic in candlelight pink over J E A N S. 🙂 xo Wish with all my heart I could be there.


    The vintage number has you written all over it. It would be YOU wearing the dress – not the dress wearing you as in the yellow one. In know you have the whole “farmgirl” going on too – but please leave the romantic and old fashioned look in the attic and stick with the Parisian. It’s so you!

  10. Mary at Hunting and Gatherings

    The vintage one is so you! It would be YOU wearing the dress, not the dress wearing you as with the yellow one. Could use a little color tho’ – Keep the ruffly and old fashioned ones in the attic – stick with the Parisian – not the farmgirl.

  11. Leslie

    I’d go with vintage or tailored! So pretty and classic! Have fun 🙂


  12. Texas Mom

    Vintage, all the way! 😉

  13. Bettyann

    a little simple 50’s at home lounging outfit….

  14. Dulantha

    Beautiful and feminine look….!

    Feminine way of dressing always make you pleasant.

  15. Burlap Luxe

    I know you will pull it off Angela, you could make a bag look great!!
    Not that I chose a bag 🙂
    Those golden beaded shoes wow! sometimes you just have to sit and look at beautiful things.

    Thank you girl for your ever so beautiful visit, it truly means a lot to me coming from you 🙂
    I hear what you are saying about your color, don’t change a thing it was what drew me into your amazing style perfectly composed speaking my French language!

    A peacefully inspiring weekend, and a Sunday with God.


  16. Anonymous

    the top one looks just so beautiful

    Annie v.

  17. Parisienne Farmgirl

    NO way!!
    I LOVE that yellow dress – Steph is right, it’s like a modern day Marie Antoinette – OH! That structure!

  18. à la parisienne

    I was just coming here to comment about wishing to attend the launch party (in some fun vintage dress hanging in the closet that I never get to wear.) and then I saw those Anonymous comments…What’s up with that? I swear if someone has something rude to say, they should at least share their name!
    They are like little venomous lurkers!!!!!!!!!



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