OK first, The I THINK the Chicagoland Barbie post a few down is FINALLY FIXED.

Second, My brother sent this to me the other day and honestly I can not stop laughing. I was just now nursing Amélie for her morning nap and the poor thing could not fall asleep cause I was shaking with giggling just thinking about this hilarious clip.
You know that expression, “You have to laugh or your gonna cry.”? Well, as you may now, sometimes it’s good for me to get a good laugh when it relates to the punchline of this joke.
Like all my other amusements they get funnier each time you watch it – after you watch it once, watch it again and watch her co-anchors look of horror. It’s brutal.
Clear your mouth of all fluids and grab a diaper…and don’t forget to push pause on the songlist.