Apple trees tied together over our pea gravel path.  They make such a lovely arch in person… you can’t really photograph it to capture it correctly.

Provence meets the Cotswalds… that is the inspiration for my gardens.  Nothing reminds me more of Provence than an old Terra Cotta pot and a Cyprus… oh to have them lining my property with fields of lavender stretched to the horizon…
Now that the weather has cooled a bit and the horrible mosquitos have diminished  we are enjoying our flagstone again…
The little pond and a boxwood hedge.
The Potager… ready for another round of lettuce in the cooler weather.  The Tonka’s are so charming aren’t they?
This is my favorite.  The gravel path and the abundance of thyme, sage and lavender… if there is one thing our garden is… it’s fragrant.  I purposely remove the border rocks so the Thyme can spill out onto the path, you can’t help but brush it with your ankles when you walk by… the aroma is heady.
Herbs and Roses.  If I could start all over, that is all I would plant… and boxwoods of course.
Man Cub, manning the fire.  
The next couple months are filled with apples, canning, fires… sleeping with the windows open… it’s going to be wonderful.