The Last Thing on My To Do List

Dec 13, 2005 | Simply Ang | 3 comments

Deck the halls the Christmas Party is over. I can think clearly now…or rather, now I can think about getting my Christmas card drawn, scanned and printed, reprints of the photo made and a letter written…I can hurridly address about 70 of them and get them in the mail…each coming in at just under a dollar at a time of year when most people don’t want you painting their living room all the while wondering if more than a handful of people really care to get it…does all my hard work end up in the garbage? How could I shave the list down to about 30? Seems it grows every year.
I’d love to say, “Hey, read my blog. Merry Christmas!” but then I remember the innkeeper at the Thorp House saying, “Oh, I just love your Christmas cards. I have one right here on my desk and I read it all the time!” My ego prevails and I get out my scetch pad and head to Michaels for blank cards.
I suppose I have learned to really “set my boundaries” over the years. Gone are the days of singing 141 Christmas services, (preceeded by 200 rehersals) small group parties, neighborhood parties, in-law catastrophes (yes, I can top all your stories like the year my roast took too long to cook and my “sweet” little niece said, “My mom said maybe we should just order a pizza.”), I have even said “no” to almost all Christmas shopping in general for that matter and running over the river and thru the woods every weekend in December to make everyone happy.
I suppose 70 cards won’t hurt.


  1. FarmgirlCyn

    I, for one, love your cards. And, in fact, last years card is tucked in the boughs of my Christmas tree!

  2. julee

    Your card is the only one that “makes” my scrapbook.

  3. cityfarmer

    OK so where IS the card with the best artwork ever?


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