style="text-align: center;">UPDATE: 8:15 Wednesday morning and I can’t take it, I slept like crap but I washed my floors last night, I washed my hair…
I am taking a glass of the Castor Oil concoction.
Bring it.
I am not liking some of the side effects I am reading about (like becoming one with the toilet) but I want this baby…in my arms…now.
Say a prayer.
Saw the midwife this morning and she gave me a fun little Castor oil concoction of C.O., Vodka and Orange Juice to take this evening…says this baby will come tomorrow! I am a little nervous to try it so tonight I am trying drops of another herbal tincture she gave me and if by the morning nothing has changed then I will get brave and try the vodka combo….
The baby is posterior, meaning instead of his/her back facing my belly the legs/feet are. I have been doing excercises all day to get it to move. Please pray that it works, posterior births can be rather painful.
Good grief. That’s almost funny.
My family is all excited cause they love the sound of 1.20.10.
So, since the girls name has been guessed correctly here is your last “boy clue”…
Last night while Joel and I were watching Part II of the 24 premiere we noticed a new character, though now obviously playing a different part- he happens to be the original inspiration for our boy name (see clue number one).
We thought that was VERY ironic indeed.

And if you MUST have a middle name clue…
“Aston Martin”

Please note, the boys first name has been guessed a couple times already but if someone gets the first and middle name they would win over the first correct first name that came in last week.
My 4.5 year old son and two year old daughter are arguing…all the time…”It’s a boy…it’s a girl…it’s boy….it’s a girl….
And would you believe that tonight as I tucked in Amélie the last thing she said to me was, “It’s a girl.”
And the last thing Aidan said to me was “What if I make a joke out of Amélie and it’s a boy?”
Hopefully we will know tomorrow.