Such regret now.
I was on the war path.
You know the one.
Today I spent all morning and half the afternoon complaining aloud
and grumbling in my heart
about things I don’t have.
What a stupid,


Just look at all of this. Look at these blessings.

Look at all this fun we’re having, and how innocent all this fun is. It is a gift from God. Regret is not, but I am so happy it has made me see the truth.



There is so much beauty here. Up and down and all around. There is so much beauty and so many blessings in these little ones. It’s incredible.



I am truly blessed. How could I not have seen it? How could all of this have passed me by, right in front of my own eyes?


After making such a fool of myself in front of the people I love the most in this world I am thanking God. I am thanking God for them.
I am thanking God for them and all that we have together. My life is so bright, and sometimes I cannot see it.
Regret is not always helpful. But it helps us see the truth of everything.
I am so lucky to have my family, my friends, the natural beauty around us and all of you.
Thank you for being us!!!
 His mercies are new every morning…
 even every couple hours if need be.
Sometimes every couple hours, we need to stop and acknowledge our blessings.
Blessed indeed. I am blessed, as are we all.