30 Minutes at Lake Bluff Beach and a Day of Regret

May 21, 2012 | Full Time Family, On Motherhood | 27 comments

Such regret now.
I was on the war path.
You know the one.
Today I spent all morning and half the afternoon complaining aloud
and grumbling in my heart
about things I don’t have.
What a stupid,


Just look at all of this. Look at these blessings.

Look at all this fun we’re having, and how innocent all this fun is. It is a gift from God. Regret is not, but I am so happy it has made me see the truth.



There is so much beauty here. Up and down and all around. There is so much beauty and so many blessings in these little ones. It’s incredible.



I am truly blessed. How could I not have seen it? How could all of this have passed me by, right in front of my own eyes?


After making such a fool of myself in front of the people I love the most in this world I am thanking God. I am thanking God for them.
I am thanking God for them and all that we have together. My life is so bright, and sometimes I cannot see it.
Regret is not always helpful. But it helps us see the truth of everything.
I am so lucky to have my family, my friends, the natural beauty around us and all of you.
Thank you for being us!!!
 His mercies are new every morning…
 even every couple hours if need be.
Sometimes every couple hours, we need to stop and acknowledge our blessings.
Blessed indeed. I am blessed, as are we all.


  1. Sherri B.

    We all have days like this..And then we’re sorry and then we are..Forgiven. xo

  2. helen tilston

    Your images are just beautiful and your day must be very busy. It is natural to explode once in a while.

    Thanks for sharing

    Helen xx

  3. Rosemary@villabarnes

    You are blessed. Just look at how much love surrounds you. Beautiful photos.

  4. LaValya

    It is funny how we can be so silly focusing on unimportant things when we have the best of the best, your children are beautiful…
    That’s nice that you caught yourself and changed your attitude, that is hard to do when we get caught up in our selves!!!

  5. Vicki Archer

    The children are adorable… and you are so right… they are all that counts in the world… xv

  6. Oie

    Don’t we all have days like this! Hope your discouragement didn’t last long. I too am thankful for new mercies xo

  7. Anonymous

    I have five smallish children, and due to economic woes, we have been living with my mom in her two bedroom apartment until my husband can find work. It has been over a year, and discontent is a monster I battle often. BUT….I have many pics as precious as the ones in your beautiful post here, and no matter what, I am blessed. Thanks for the reminder! (…..and I LOVE your blog!)

  8. Unknown

    Amen. Unfortunately it seems the ones we love most bear the brunt of our moods most of the time. But grace is a beautiful, beautiful thing. Lovely pictures. Hope your weekend went much better.

  9. Musings From A French Cottage

    I’ve been there too…I’m so thankful for His daily mercies (I sure do need them!).

    Your little chickens are just adorable – they’re growing so much!! Hope you have a wonderful week!!

    God Bless,

  10. Passionedeco...perchè le case hanno un'anima

    Right Angela!
    You can count your blessings on your hand: exactly five!

    We all have days like that, the important thing is to then understand we were fool!!


    p.s. You0re so beautiful in that pic!

  11. Lisa DeNunzio

    Sometimes we just need to look into the faces (or a picture) of our children to be reminded what is most important. Everyone loses sight of this on occasion. Have a great day. Best, Lisa

  12. It's me

    You have all!!..a great familly….what need a woman more…….love and blessings from me….xxx..

  13. shirlgirl

    Wow, what beautiful children. Then there is the color of that water in the background. Makes me wish I had been there. You’re ok, you didn’t give up, you charge on ahead after the bad feelings and had good ones. It’s not how you start the race but how you end it. Sounds like you ended well.

  14. Donna

    You have a cutest family!
    Great pics…looks like a wonderful day!
    What a wonderful inspiration you are…it’s even better because you are normal…not perfect!
    Have a blessed week

  15. Hillcrest Acres

    We all have days like this and I’ve had my share. But you caught yourself and remembered what was really important. Beautiful photos. I love strolling along the beach, felling the sand between my toes. My kiddies love climbing the rocks, skipping rocks and getting their feet wet.

    And between you and me…sometimes it’s hard being surrounded by beautiful homes and lovely yards, homes on the lake with breathtaking views and not wanting more. I love walking along Center Street and the surrounding areas, admiring the homes and the architectural details that give the homes such character.

  16. Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig

    I’ve been that same stupid fool, too. Don’t be too hard on yourself, Angela.

    How beautiful and BIG your babies are getting!!!


  17. cestMoi Sandy

    Oh, so precious those moments.
    I totally hate it when I have to humble, breath think and realize to see what I HAVE! And feel that I am BLESSED. And even being Grateful for a kid with a runny nose… Because it could be way worse!
    Thank you for this eye opener my dear!

    Make it a wonderful Week!
    We are so Blessed.


  18. rosiemomma

    well this just made me cry. I really needed to read this today.

  19. A Cottage Muse

    Those 30 minutes sure did make for some beautiful memories! We all feel this way so don’t let it get to you!
    Thank you for sharing this friendly reminder!

  20. Karena

    Angela I don’t know anyone who has not had this frustration…However you are like me; then we do remember how blessed we are!

    Thought you would enjoy…Interview with Leslie of Segreto Finishes and her fabulous Book Giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  21. Barb

    Your family is beautiful and you are one smart woman! Praise God he forgives us.

  22. janet

    You are blessed and we all have days like that..What cute photos of your family..

  23. ..Sherri..

    We’re all like this sometimes….I believe it takes a lot of patience, and a lot of self-discipline to stop the grumbles. It really takes effort!! We’re about as poor financially as you can get. But when I take the time to notice that my kids are healthy, happy and doing well, that I have a roof over my head for the day…that I have hands to create with…ooooohhhh so many things I DO have! Just look at your beautiful babies. That’s the ultimate love all wrapped up into one huge blessing girlfriend! We grumble…we gripe…but, in the end, after that day of being foolish, God just sighs, maybe chuckles a bit…and gently corrects us. We think we catch ourselves..but it’s really Him that tells us “Ok, that’s enough!”…. Love those photos!!! xo

  24. Anonymous

    I, too, have been known to throw a pity party for what I don’t have – everything from simple luxuries to the children I was never able to have. When I remember, though, that I have so much more than others – a roof over my head, food to eat, clothing on my back and the love of God, I realize how truly good life is….

  25. Lynn@ The Vintage Nest

    What a fabulous eye you have Angela. The photos are just amazing and beautiful


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