Move over Ty…Big Daddy’s the sexiest blue color baby around!

Well, well. 5.5 weeks and counting and the pressure is on.

Not only is there all the “stuff” to do that one does before a baby (the list would not fit on the blog) but we had plans this year to knock down a wall in our bedroom that connected to a darling but NEVER enjoyed sitting room. The only time we could find on the calendar was Oct/November – a little close for comfort with a December darling due but we thought we could pull it off.
We are the 4th owners of this house in the last 150 years – the original owners being two spinster sisters. By the time they were elderly nursing care was required and my lovely, never used dressing room was supposidly were the full time nurse stayed while one of the sisters lived in the connecting room.
While I had it decorated with all my fun girly things, I rarley used this room. Instead of feeling like an escape room I felt cut of from the rest of the house and never really enjoyed reading or powdering my nose in there the way I thought I would. With this expanding family and our cozy morning snuggle time we have been really wanting a king size bed and the only way to make one fit was to create a master suite. Alas, crow bar in hand and a Darth Vadar-like dust mask on Joel set in to give me my “Chamre de Marie Antoinette” as I have been calling it.
The poor guy, my hero, has been working on this every spare moment he has, crawling around in the attic, messing with new “juice”, tearing paneling off the walls, stripping 70 year old wallpaper found underneath, smashing plaster and removing lathe piece by piece. The upstairs looks like that scene from E.T, with all the plastic walls, every vent is plasticed over and we have not even turned the heat on yet this year -the windows were a lead paint, chipping disaster and they all had to be sanded and stripped – thus the barricaded set up we have – we are trying to avoid lead dust flying through the house. To further avoid the dust issue he hauled all 17 bags of plaster and lathe out the window and down a ladder so he would not trapse through the house – did I mention he is my hero???
Enjoy the photos and pray for us – we have GOT to get this project wrapped up!!! For real before photos of how we were using these two rooms before the demo visit “THE Parisienne Farmhouse” over on my sidebar…

Stage One – Empty closets and all furniture into surrounding guest bedrooms (boy are we blessed to have THOSE!) Remove paneling that we Venetian Plastered over as a quick fix fours years ago when we moved in…
Stage two: Ang and Aidan move out while big daddy sands and strips windows, and smashes down dressing room wall…these windows will now be ENJOYED! (That is a flat top to our garage right outside the window…the bigtime fantasy is to put french doors and a deck out there with a spiral staircase going down to the flagstone patio, fountain and garden…DARN YOU DAVE RAMSEY!!! Better start an envelope…)

This reads: “Papered, Joe Walsh June 7th 1933”

Stage three – three thousand…Pull two by fours down, firm up support in the attic (When he pulled the last stud down the dang ceiling sank!) repair water damage, re-drywall water damage, pull out two by fours in the floor (the bottom support of the wall) redirect juice (hanging in the background in the very top photo) back up to the attic for now, remove wallpaper and glue, repairs all ceiling cracks (hundreds), prime windows and walls, cover vent holes in the floor for now, wash entire room so Ang can actually enter…shoot me now, etc, shoot me now, etc, etc.