Well, here it is.
I am snuggled in with the MacTop, fully recovered, pouring over photos and I am about to display a complete lack of self control and post more photos than any one blog post should allow. Picnik was running like a dinosaur or else I would have my little signature “ParisienneFarmgirl.com” on each photo. Bummer. I love that – I think it looks so “pro” – I HATE to not do it.
OK, I won’t hold you in suspense any more….here it is… The Design, The Budget, the Dress, The Girl et la Fête!

The Design


I was totally inspired by Mandy’s recent Rose/Gris post for the parties color scheme. I gave myself a budget of $75.00. That was more than I wanted to spend however, I needed every penny of it and I still really didn’t get the look I was going for… I wanted baby pink chic and a to die for string of photo garland – a project which was a disaster and I finally had to let go of. That’s an entire blog post on it’s own…I did end up finding 5 rose plates and the hanging hearts in a closet upstairs. Anyways, it was pretty but to get the look I was going for I would have had to spend twice as much as I did.
Here is a breakdown:
 Pink cotton, gray/silver lace (6 yards) and pink tulle for $27.00 (pas mal!)
Two dozen gorgeous pink roses, Costco $15.00
Silver plated coffee and tea post (had the third one already) $15 resale shop
Ten balloons $11.00
Two extra rose plates $1.00 (resale shop)
Hot pink napkins and “J” napkins $3.00
Total $82.00 so I went over but truth be told, did not factor the balloons into my original budget!
The kids had drug the balloons in the other room for most of the photos, this first one is actually the next morning!




Le Gâteau
The Cake!
I pulled down my vintage heart shaped pans… the hearts in this part are not a St. Valentines Day thing… they are because in this house we always say, “Momma loves you, Hoolie!”

I googled a turn of the century white cake recipe. Incredible.
If you would like it in a post, please post a comment and I will post it later this week.

White frosting with silver glitter (edible) and pink roses. Bavarian cream filling inside!

The Dress
The Darling Silver one that Amélie wore three years ago for her birthday!
(I would have made one, but this one is just so perfect for my girls! $17.99 Target! It’s a sad day when you can’t make ’em that cheap!)
La Fête… The Party!



Juliette and Big Daddy
Auntie Julee – thanks for taking the party photos!!!
Get it girl!
Hoolie’s first major experience with SUGAR!

We were to have a bigger crowd, but I have an uncle going in for surgery tomorrow morning and he just was not up to it, understandably. My brother’s car was acting up ,and with this cold and a three month old, who wants to risk breaking down? No way!

I chatting with Auntie Victoria, Uncle Nic and Cousin Sofia!

It’s so fun to see the toys that our family selects for our children. They are always spot on. This little tea set has been a HIT for the last 24 hours. The big kids have hi-jacked it and have been pouring each other “tea” all day. And that puzzle? Hoolie loves it… got to love Melissa and Doug toys! They are the best.

And of course, if you are my daughter, you HAVE to have pink “cow boots.” Thanks you Auntie Julee!!!

iChatting with my grandparents from Florida! I LOVE iCHAT! What a blessing it is for families!

The Portraits!

The sunlight was gorgeous this morning… not as pretty as my Juliette though!
This is my favorite.

Ahhhh…. I can relax now.
If you would like some of the recipes mentioned two posts ago let me know… AND I’ve got some fun ideas on how to survive entertaining without being a martyr!

She’s one it.
I just can’t believe.

Momma loves you, Hoolie.
…and I thought I loved you then.