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Jul 13, 2023 | French Farmhouse Design, On Design, The Parisienne Farmhouse | 2 comments

The list is long, friends – tile floors, new paint, a larger island with marble countertop, new faucets… we’ve got a LONG WAY TO GO in this kitchen, and at the same time, it’s as charming as all get out, and it’s an amazing space. ‘That whole two things can be true at the same time thing.

In my latest video, I’m sharing my efforts to give my kitchen a mid-summer pick-me-up. I got my hands on some fun bar stools, had a new tiny Persian rug, and felt like changing things up a bit so that Luga could be the star of the show. (I think I got inspired by our Old World Design Society Q and A call last week!)

I’ve got this thing about a statement piece being the focal point in a room, and darned if Luga isn’t a statement piece extraordinaire! Now she shines front and center when you walk in the room with no island blocking her view! It took me all day (of course, I cleaned along the way) and filmed along the way too, which was probably not the best idea as the skies were gray and heavy with much-needed incoming storms. The video came out grainy from lack of daylight, and that drives me batty (the perfectionist in me rages), but I’ve learned something about my true Youtube audience lately – they’re much more forgiving than I expected and want to see me working it out, grainy film or not. And boy, I sure worked it out in this one; I mean, have you ever lifted a butcher block? Let alone try to shove it across a room with an oven mitt to glide you?

Watch and find out! And Society members? Click here later today to enter the member’s only part of the blog where you can watch the Design call replay. Or click here to become a member, darling!


  1. Aleida Z Perez

    Hola, thank you for the post; it is always a joy to see. Looking forward to your Christmas decorations. I like the way you place your copper pans in the kitchen. I imagine that your kitchen would look amazing with vintage silver ware.

  2. Maria Fiorito

    I love this post! It is interesting how you can think there is no other arrangement that would work better, but this change definitely brings your range front and center. I love how real this is. So much easier to relate to than some other blogs that just show you their brand new kitchen they’ve ordered and put in all at once. Us more humble folk (speaking of myself) need to save up and store treasures we find in order to get what we want in the end. Your kitchen is beautiful, and very much reflects what I would like to do. I mean, those delft tiles! Salivating.


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