How do you keep two, soon three, little chickens and a hungry hubby happy?
Keep the food coming.
There are few things has frustrating to me as not knowing what to make for dinner. When I find myself unprepared it’s as if my brain shuts down. Every memory of every meal I know how to make and have ever made goes – POOF! Out the window. I get stressed as hungry eyes stare at me or Big Daddy starts rooting around in the cupboard ready to eat a piece of bread with ketchup (which, I swear is how he would eat were I not on the planet).
There are two ways to keep this problem at bay. Number one “Put Up or Shut Up” – (no, I have not forgotten to do my follow up post but I am ALMOST done and I really want to wait to “show off” my new pantry all stacked with canned goods and delights), Number Two: Menu Planning.
By putting up food and having soups and lasagnas and such in your freezer you won’t be caught off guard on those days when errands keep you out ’til 4, or that sewing or hot glue gun project is strewn all over the place or work has your running late. By planning a menu, everyone can have something to look forward to, your shopping will be more deliberate and you will find yourself wanting to try new things more often.
Because my shopping habits are let’s say- inconvenient. I don’t often run to the store. By inconvenient I mean my desire for hormone free meat and dairy and organic produce. We do grow what we can and shop our local farm stand but I have yet to take the time to find a beef farmer in the area and the farm down the road wants $3.50 for a dozen eggs!!!! What is up with that??
I end up driving over an hour round trip when it’s time to stock up and if I don’t plan a menu I go into a panic grabbing everything I “think” we may need in the next two and a half weeks. With small kids wanting Trader Joe’s balloons, announcing they have to pee and fighting traffic and crowds this can get a little stressful. But not so much if I plan a menu.
What a privilege we mothers have, even if our kids are grown.
We can give them that gift of a warm and fruitful kitchen.
We can give them the gift of pure family time around the table.
No TV, no talk radio. We can give them memories of tastes and smells that will stay with them for a lifetime. We can comfort them when they come home from college or with a new spouse on their arm, we can give them memories of a mother with a servants heart.
An apron is not a janitors uniform. It’s a garment of honor.
What a gift we can give our husbands; out there working for us and fighting for us. We can create an atmosphere of warmth and love. It’s not being sentenced to the kitchen – a simple attitude change can fix that. Consider that you GET to be the one who provides him with a warm meal. Even if it’s just the two of you. Put a few plates down, plan a few microwave-free meals, sit down, poor a glass of wine and DINE together!!!
Try a menu next week. Monday morning before you shop, settle the kids down with a fun, (but not messy) art project, pull out your favorite cookbooks, pour a hot cup of tea or coffee and get lost in the wonder of new recipes and herbs that you have not experimented with in awhile. You may be amazed at the fresh perspective you can find, perhaps turning the dreaded question of “What’s for dinner” into an unveiling of something you have never tried before.
One of our items this week was Pork Chops with Apples – delightfully studded with cloves and broiled with imported Swiss and brown sugar and butter. So easy and oh my goodness, how cozy and how perfect for fall.
It’s 4:10!!!! and I’d better hop off the computer and check the menu – yikes, a few photos and time on blogger and where does the time go???
Bon Appetit.