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Jan 17, 2006 | Spiritual | 2 comments

Let’s get one thing straight for all of you that keep emailing me your comments cause you dont want your own blog. You don’t have to have one all you have to do is get a user name and password to comment. If you have something to comment using the comment button might make it easier and quicker for you instead of jumping over to your email. 🙂

I had a bog in mind then I forgot it…hmmm…

Oh! Recalling my stress and the self inflicted production of getting my Christmas cards out…just the other day I was wondering if that whole card, letter, photo ever affects more people than my aunt. You know, it really is my one very intentional way of sharing some of our beliefs with our friends and family who may you may not share our same faith. Just the other day I was wondering if they have ever been used by God to do ANY good…and then I opened my mail.
I have a friend that I wish I was closer to. She is very, very busy and our paths have no reason to cross except for one hobby/passion that we have in common. However, it is a rare, rare occasion that we see each other. It turns out the day she recieved my Christmas letter she was having a horrible, no good, very bad day. I had heard about this horrible, no good, very bad day from a group of friends recently. It involved an injury and holiday stress that entertaining can bring. From what I understand it wasn’t pretty. And then our letter was opened…and words that I struggle with every year provided her with a wake up call of sorts and an un-invitation to the pitty part she had invited herself to. She told me all this in a hand written letter that I will keep forever. I would love to know more about this wake up call and how she is doing so I will again choose my words carefully – better yet I will pray that God just uses me any way He sees fit.
I am sure if I spoke more about my relationship with God to my friends then that end of the year letter would not be hard for me. I would love to talk of deeper things with my friends. It doens’t seem to come up. I need to consider what that says about me. If I was more loving…I need to be more loving.
I think, if I was shooting straight with myself (its so easy to shoot straight with everyone else) than it says that I am a coward and that I care more about what some friends would think of me than I do about Heaven, the love of God, etc…

Be saints.

I can explain that later if you inquire but like Nic stated in his first blog (nics-life-alone.blogspot.com) this is the point where I would write things for my journal and between God and I – not internal ponderings to be shared on the World Wide Web.

All this to say that I encourage you to really share with your friends and family what is on your heart. You never really know who needs to hear the words you may be struggling to say.


  1. julee

    Post your Chirsmtas letter…if you don’t, maybe I will, and maybe I will.

  2. Amanda

    I would love to see/read your Christmas letter.


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