Just a Little off the Top (of my head)

Jan 29, 2006 | Simply Ang | 2 comments

-9am start car, aim towards Michigan for friendly visit and design job.
-Just read Rosie O’Donnell hosts gay family cruise.
-Find myself cruising for the closest toilet.
-One Mom, One Dad, God’s best
-Joel ran for PM snack of Smartfood White Cheddar – used to eat it all the time at Bills Produce
-Taste buds must be gearing up for the Great Lakes State
-Aunt Julee will you make your yummy chicken salad with the grapes?
-Mandi (do you still go by Mandi?) WHEN is that baby coming?
-Faith, when are you coming here?
-Sonya, werent you supposed to come a few weeks ago?
-Singing date July 28th, come one, come all, out of my mind with excitement!
-Sueing a priest for saying Jesus existed?
-Find myself cruising for the closest toilet.
-I miss Paris in the winter when it drizzles.
-Jen, oh Jen, could I be more happy for you?
-Take the big rock just keep it simple.
-You have so much class you can pull it off and would never seem over done.
-Aidan, did you ask permission to be so cute?
-Don’t worry baby that big toofer should be thru by tomorrow evening.
-New furniture booth in Lake Zurich store.
-Shooting for success, not the stars.
-Parisienne Farmhouse as popular as Shabby Chic someday.
-Rachel, white with sanded edges is SO passe.
-Joel, work is picking up again baby. God is good.
-Youre gonna get that big lake house bid.
-All of God’s promises are YES and amen!
-Missing Gram and Grandpa.
-PSter will be so big by then.
-Will send you a dvd of the little darling.
-Joel’s home with treats.
-Pop the movie in.
-Wet hair, wet fingernails and toes.
-Lisa’s manicure always looks so nice. Gotta keep up.
-All for now.
-Mayby I’ll post before and after photos of the job.
-If it’s been awhile dont forget to scroll down.


  1. Amanda

    Hey Ang, yeah, I can have this baby ANY TIME now! But been spending my time enjoying my first wonderful baby boy, my husband and my sleep. Wednesday at the latest…..burn baby burn!!! I’m excited, a little anxiety. It has to come out, it can’t stay in here forever!

    Yes, it’s still Mandi! It’s just Amanda at work and stuff! I will always be plain old Mandi!

  2. Faith

    I would love to visit, just don’t know when. I miss you!!!!


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