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Nov 20, 2011 | Uncategorized | 5 comments

I seem to
 disappear… it’s not the Holiday… it’s my darn computer.  I am trudging back to the not-so-Genius Bar tomorrow morning at the Mac Store and PRAYING that whatever repairs are necessary are covered under the five hundred dollars worth they did two weeks ago!!!!
  In the meantime, every spare minute I can get this thing to run I am loading new inventory on Parisienne Farmhouse and trying to re-style to site a bit too for Black Friday.

This is such bad timing… there are such exciting things right around the corner for “Parisienne Farmgirl.”

Just in case I am POOF… gone for a few days while the MacTop gets some TLC… I’ll leave you with these hysterical You Tube’s my sister-in-law sent me this morning.   I almost coughed up my spleen.  Consider it a warning….


  1. Stephanie

    That is so funny!!! While we are sharing funny you tube videos. For some reason, at Thanksgiving the family gathers round the laptop to howl with laughter at them. This is my years pick….The 610 Stompers, who will be performing at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade this year. Be sure to look at all the other videos that pop up on the side, there’s a ton of them. My husband knows one of the guys in the group. It’s so hilarious.


  2. à la parisienne


    My niece actually posted this hilarious video of Perry on her Facebook page and made me visit because she knew I’d laugh my butt off! “I don’t have time for this medieval cookie….” Hilarious! Whoever did the voice over on that video rocks!
    Now, I’m going to watch your other video and I’m going to look into Stephanie’s suggestion.

    I enjoyed our chat the other night!


  3. à la parisienne

    Okay, my husband and I agree that “breaking a tree root in her shrimp” is the funniest part!


  4. Pam

    OMG! I laughed until I cried and started coughing. I’m just grateful I didn’t pee on myself!

  5. rosiemomma

    Oh my spleen is gonna be so sore from laughing. I’m crying for real; “Save a pretzel for the gas jets”, (and he sings it!) oh. my.


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