Don’t tell me it’s not a sport.
Don’t ask me how I can watch cars go ’round and round for 3 hours.

NASCAR is back and the long wait between Miami in November and Daytona in February is over. It’s Speed Week! There is something cruel and unusual about the most boring part of the year (winter) c0insiding with the break into between Nascar seasons but hallelujah…the wait is over!


And pardon me for saying that the art of getting your car “just right” for a particular track and then racing it with 41 other drivers at 185 m.p.h. is WAY more exciting then watching big fat men in spandex run up and down a field after a piece of pig skin.
Last night was the Budweiser Shootout – a 60 lap, balls out race for a million dollars (no points are applied to the season – it’s just for the thrill of it).
Junior was smoking and then held steady around 8th place and with a quarter lap to go he was helping friend Elliot Sadler out with a little bump drafting and he got a little over-zealous and wrecked ’em both. No hard feelings between either of them.

Dale Earnhardt Junior is my FAVORITE driver and you only have to watch a few interviews or races to see why. He is just having fun. He is the most popular driver but the lack of ego is amazing. When he screws up he is the first to admit it while many other drivers will whine like little girls (Jeff and Jimmie and the Bush brothers) Junior takes it all in stride and if he does get ticked it’s for good reason.

So, things are looking up (besides the snow storm expected for tomorrow)…in about 40 days my first flowers will start coming up and before I know it I will be in the garden with the race on the radio full blast on a scalding hot Sunday afternoon. -Hey- maybe Joel will take me to the Chicago race for my birthday.

In the meantime, laugh at me all you want. My love of racing is part of the enigma (see my Profile) . A knew #8 flag is gonna be flying on the Parisienne Farmhouse and I’m gonna be screamin’…


Photo used from the official Dale Junior website.