June Blessings

I can’t tell you how much I love it here.

Leaving our old home was less than ideal.  So much stress.  And DANG.  We loved that house.  It made the magazines and books for crying out loud and we were proud of all our hard work and creativity.  But we had outgrown in it many ways and now here we are on our “dumpy little rental farm” as we affectionately call it, we work NON STOP and collapse into bed at night with aching bodies but life is good.

We don’t make good renters:)
Well, at least I don’t and hubby does so much of my bidding.
It’s hard to me to look at the more unslightly parts of this farm and KNOW how amazing they could be.  The whole point of being here is to learn as much as we can and to save for “the big one”.  (Which Joel has just recently, to my joy, announced will “have it all” – orchard, grapes, beef cow, milk cow, scads of hives, CSA, etc…)

As creative as my mind is and as hard as it is for me to sleep at night (on account of ideas) I am, the most content I have ever been in my life.  Compared to a lot of people I know, I have “nothing” (in the stupid American sense of “having it all”).  For example, sometimes driving down the road I totally forget what a piece of —- vehicle I have.  It’s loud.  It’s rusty.  It’s full of dirt from all these projects.  

 The Obrjeen Machine.
The only thing I am proud of is that plate!
And I will laugh OUT LOUD when I realize how horrible it is compared to the Escalade next to me.  

It totally cracks me up!

But oh do I have it all.

I know Jesus.
My husband is JUST AMAZING!
I am blessed with hilarious, loud, creative, messy, gorgeous children.
We are blessed with health.
I’ve got 3 acres to enjoy just by walking out my door.
I’ve got SO MANY chickens I can’t even count them.  
A garden that really, while lacking in a lot of ways (read: ROSES!) is just so amazing considering we “just got here”.

The breeze blows. The trees shade.  Chickens cluck and cluck and cluck.  The garden gives and gives and gives.  And I pinch myself to think God willing, I will never live in town again.

These photos are from a couple weeks ago and I confess, pretty lame– so tomorrow I hope to grab the camera for while and catch the gorgeous growth that has occurred.  But I miss blogging so much I wanted to throw this post up and I will try to expand upon it tomorrow.
Bonne Weekend.
Parisienne Farmgirl 

13 thoughts on “June Blessings”

  1. Angela, you always make me smile!

    My last day in the corporate world was my daughter’s first day of kindergarten. My (feminist) boss would not let me have the day off on the first day of school.

    I gave up a career that I loved…but the rewards have been worth it!

    We drove our 1987 Chevy Caprice station wagon until the kid’s hit high school. Their friends called it the “Griswold mobile”! It was Burgundy…(and not pea green…thank the heavens above!)

    Your “Half Way Farm” is thriving!
    I cannot tell you how many friends and family that I have shared your
    baby chick arrival video with.
    Have a great weekend!
    Happy Fathers Day to Joel!

  2. Your place looks gorgeous!!!! I’m so jealous of your garden (you know what happened to mine) and everything just looks lovely. Been missing your posts, but I know your busy. Busy is the new normal around these parts. 🙂

  3. Sigh…. the country life!!! Nothing better for raising our babies:) We have a farm and chickens and we love it to. My truck is old and rusty but it is paid for and works just fine. Love the pictures and can’t wait to see more of the garden and the chickens!!

  4. Your garden looks beautiful!

    One of my blog readers pointed me your way… I blog at homesteadfailure.blogspot.com, from the prairie of Eastern Colorado.

    Sometimes I think about our older vehicles, too, and I think about the vehicles my classmates and such have now and I think I’m poor. But then again, they don’t have a llama…

  5. I haven’t checked in with your new farm in a bit of time…wonderful changes & progress. How great for your kids to grow up with space to move & explore. I grew up on 100 acres and I miss that freedom for my children. Debbiecz

  6. Your place is looking lovely already! We have 3 acres here in Texas-our problem is the deer! Do you have any problems with deer? This is my first try at raising tomatoes. All we can do is put wire around them and over em. Then the squirrels crawled through the wire and ate the tomatoes. Electric fencing is not something I’d like to do. If you have any suggestions, I’d appreciate it.

  7. You are VERY RICH in all the things that matter. I enjoy your blog very much! Thank you and blessings to your sweet family.
    Lynn from San Diego

  8. It’s beautiful! The joy that your children have there on your farm will give them a built in meter for their whole life! They will know what is really important…
    Thank you for sharing,
    Casual Loves Elegance

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