On January 13th I was stunned to get an email from Jennifer C. with the correct guess of the girls name, I am anxious to read how she came to such a spot on conclusion but here are the answers to the clues…

Clue No One:

First: A historical reference for this name can be found on the shelves of almost any grocery store.
Answer – Julius Ceasar, (Ceasar Salad Dressing)
Middle: Due to my known admirations, this is not a name someone would expect me to go with.
Answer: Longtime readers and friends know of my cult like admiration of Princess Diana so I imagine, using a form of Elizabeth as the name could be a surprise.
Clue No. Two

First: “I’ll come ’round sometime and get that squeak out of your door.”
Answer: Sexy statement made my Johnny Depp’s Character to Juliette Binoche’s character in the film “Chocolat” – I think this is what lead many of you to choose “Josephine” as your guess.
Middle: Though he loved BJ just as she was, the original amour of MD.
Readers, friends and family surely by now know my love for British comedies and Jane Austin. Here, BJ stands for Bridgette Jones and MD stands for Mark Darcey…Bridgette Jones is a modern version of Pride and Prejudice thus Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice is the answer to this clue.

First: Baz Lurman
Answer – the film Romeo and Juliet
Middle: “I’m not living with you! We occupy the same cage, that’s all.
Answer – Now I dropped a big hint for this one even before the contest during one of my “miserable” posts before the baby was born by mentioning Tennessee Williams – This is a quote by Maggie the Cat in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (a favorite in this house) played of course by, Elizabeth Taylor.

And there you have it. I had SO MUCH fun writing those clues I could do it all day long. Congratulations to Jennifer C. (what’s your blog name Jen? I don’t feel right putting your last name on the internet in case that is something that you don’t do) Your prize will arrive by Valentines Day.

Here are some more photos…I can’t stop taking them. Can you blame me?


Lots of you inquired via email or comments about Home Birth, I LOVE the subject and would be THRILLED to answer any questions you may have – shoot me an email and I will post on the subject in the very near future.

Proud, enamoured brother.

TROIS!!! Can you stand it???

Today was the a March for Life in Washington.

Beyond blessed.

The SPITTING image of her brother.

“It has hands!” Was the first thing Amélie said about her sister.

I could not resist the can can prop – I’ll have to do it again when she is not so newborn and splotchy.

Sepia baby.


Aidan brought in one of his favorite “peluche” Mr. Lapin le Petit to share with Juliette. Here Amélie is showing her.