style="text-align: center;">Someday, I’d like to get to the point where I don’t work so dang hard around here 
I had one of those days where it feels like I pick things up off the floor for a living...

Lonely socks
You name it.

I ended a busy day by dusting and vacuuming the upstairs while the bigger chickens took a bath and the little one swung peacefully in his swing… as my shop vac or Mom Vac as I call it, roared.  Yes, that’s what I use as a vacuum cleaner.  I need to be able to suck up anything I please… when I don’t feel like picking it up that is.

I get to end 5 out of 7 days cuddled on the bed with baby, book and laptop and sometimes, when I am lucky, a glass of much deserved Bordeaux or Champagne.  Alas, no nectar of the gods for me  tonight.  It’s just me and my darling… take a peek… don’t mind my hideous jams.