Joie de Vivre – Drying Flowers

Sep 11, 2010 | Gardening, Joie de Vivre, Spiritual | 6 comments

Half the delight in gardening is the joy of bringing the outside in.  I love fresh cut flowers and herbs but at this time of year I start to focus on drying my favorites so I can enjoy them tucked here and there throughout the house and hanging in the kitchen within easy reach during a recipe.
The key to drying flowers is space and light…

            Meaning as much space as possible for air to circulate and very little light…

 Don’t underestimate what might look unique… this spring I enjoyed a droopy poppy stem, sans petals for weeks and the dried dill above is a recent unexpected favorite!

For best results trim as many leaves off as you can stand, hang your selection upsides down and wait paitently…
If cut at the proper time, most of the treats from your garden will retain their color.   Some things like Purple Globe Thistle and Lavender need to be harvested while they still have plenty of life to hold their brilliant purple…
Others like Hydrangea need to be cut only after their color begins to fade, or else they will shrivel… even so, drying Hydrangea is an art and you may need a little practice to get the results you are looking for…
After dry, your flowers can be used in a variety of ways.  I try not to get too “crafty” with mine, I have really been enjoying the large sprays that I have been selling at Parisienne Farmhouse and I have one hanging in my kitchen but for the most part I am prone to tuck a dried rose bunches here and there throughout the house.  Even a bouquet of lavender on the shelves in my linen closet brings a small delight each time I retrieve a towel….
Brining the outside in.
That’s a bit of Joie de Vivre for me.
But the real Joie de Vivre?
The simple truth proclaimed in this old verse plaque that hangs with my flowers.
For by grace you have been saved through faith, it is not your own doing,
 it is the gift of God.
Ephesians 2:8
Bon Weekend Mes Amies!


  1. Amy Kinser

    I love dried flowers and herbs. My favorite is lavender. My mom and I both grow it and so love the smell of it.

  2. Anne Marie

    beautiful Ange!! I had envisioned just that when you described it to me…I would just put a sign that says “open” on the front of that carriage house/garage….

    how’s the herbs? to the restaurant?

  3. cityfarmer

    I love the things you do …
    let’s build a greenhouse, whaddya say

  4. Mary Q Contrarie

    great pictures. I like to hang my flowers on the clothes drying rack. this way they are not leaning against the wall and they have air circulation around them 360 degrees.

  5. Coco Coterie

    Oh my, what a lovely treat to spend time catching up on all the lovely things taking place with your precious family. I share your excitement about the new hairstyle. Was at my stylist last eve, who was so supportive and encouraging for a new style for moi. I’ll have to check out “Priceless.” My daughter said the fashions are adorable in “Leap Year,” which I have not seen yet. Have a great day ~ xox Alexandra


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