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Nov 27, 2010 | On Motherhood, Spiritual | 10 comments

I know there are some Moms and from what I gather LOTS of Gramma’s that read Parisienne Farmgirl and I know many of you are out shopping and trying to think of something SIGNIFICANT to buy the little ones in your life that won’t end up on next years vend du garage… well… allow me to humbly make a recommendation…
Gush alert.
This little book has the power to change your household… and is it any wonder?… after all, it IS a Bible and God’s Word “does not return void”.
Now, we have a handful of children’s Bibles around the house and we have used and enjoyed them but I have heard the rumblings about this children’s Bible for over a year now… from two of my favorite “online pastors”  and it was even mentioned at a fantastic church I visited last week.  (I listen to the pastors podcasts and last Sunday everyone else around here was still in their jammies at 9 a.m.  and so I threw on some lipgloss and drove 35 minutes to this church I have been dying to visit.)  Anyhoo-
I am just diving into a book called Christless Christianity and I must say, I have no idea of the contents but the name alone is enough for me.   I don’t think there is enough JESUS going on in the church today and I love the tagline of this children’s Bible… “Every Story Whispers His Name.”
 So many adult Christians have little to no understanding of how Jesus is actually present in every passage of the Bible from Genesis and the ram God provided for Abraham, to Ruth and the love and care Boaz provided for her and on and on…  Well, what could be better than to help our young ones understand God’s plan in sending Christ to the world this Christmas?
The Jesus Storybook Bible does just that and my chickens are addicted to it.  It’s a gorgeous, well illustrated book that come with three CD’s with WONDERFUL narration!  Aidan hangs on every word!   In fact, he has these last 10 days put aside his beloved hymns that he falls asleep to and now falls asleep to the Storybook Bible…  it’s so cute.  But more than that… things are changing in my sons heart.
You know children.  And if you really know children, you know they are not born innocent.  They are selfish, greedy, and think the world revolves around them.  Yes they are vulnerable and need protection but innocent?  The Bible says that “folly is bound up in the heart of a child”…  Aidan is “a good kid” but he is learning like the rest of us how to obey God (which, for a child mostly involves obeying Mom and Dad)… let me tell you… I can see the Holy Spirit working in his life.  He is sharing more, offering others the last portion of food he loves more… making things in the playroom for his sister more… when he asks for a second helping of food he offers me to finish what I am eating before I serve him… he is more encouraging to members of the family with his words… he is arguing less and when he does give way to sin and pitch a fit or stomp a foot in protest… a simple reminder of choosing to show his Momma and God love is just about all it is taking these last few days.
I could NOT figure out what was bringing about these changes… until I remembered he has been “reading” his Bible every day and as he puts it “spending time with God.”
Oh, that I walked thru my life the next few weeks and people said, “She is more caring, she offers to help more, she doesn’t just talk about herself on the phone…”  Oh that I spent more time in God’s word… like my 5 year old son does.
If you have felt confused or frustrated in relaying the Bible to your children or you are just looking for something to snuggle up on the couch with this winter with your children or grandchildren may I highly recommend this little gem to you.  And, before you pass it on… go ahead and open the plastic and give a listen yourself.
Here is a link to Zondervan where you can listen to clips and check it out for yourself.  The price at Zondervan is fair but you will find it a bit less at Amazon.
Psalm 23 From the Jesus Storybook Bible.
God is my Shepherd
And I am his little lamb.
He feeds me.
He guides me.
He looks after me.
I have everything I need.
Inside my heart is very quiet.
As quiet as lying still in soft green grass.
In a meadow.
By a little stream.
Even when I walk through
the dark, scary, lonely places
I won’t be afraid.
Because my Shepherd knows where I am.
He is here with me.
He keeps me safe.
He rescues me.
He makes me strong
and brave.
He is getting wonderful things ready for me
Especially for me
Everything I ever dreamed of.
He fills my heart so full of happiness.
I can’t hold it all inside.
Wherever I go I know
God’s Never Stopping
Never Giving Up
Always and Forever Love 
Will go, too!
“God Gave David that song to sing to his people, so they could know that he loved them and would always look after them like a shepherd loves his sheep.
And one day, God was going to do something that would inspire thousands upon thousands of new songs.  God was going to show his people once and for all just how much he loved them.
Another Shepherd was coming – a greater Shepherd.  He would be called the Good Shepherd. and this Shepherd was going to lead all of God’s lambs back to the place where they had always belonged – close to God’s heart.”


  1. Adrienne

    A great gift idea! Sounds like a lovely book. Books of almost any kind are a good gift.

    OT but – my Mom used to call my brother and me “chicken”, chick, or her “little chicken livers.” I have no idea of what was up with the liver part…

  2. cityfarmer

    I can still hear Grandpa Don reading to the chickens a few weeks ago … for an hour!

  3. Amari

    Thank you, thank you! My little 5 year old daughter wants her own bible, just like her older sisters. This sounds like a perfect gift. I love that there are cd’s, too. She is just learning to read, so being able to listen to the book is a big plus! I saw the amazon reviews for the deluxe edition, with the cds. Of the 31 reviews, 29 were 5 stars! The other 2 were 4 stars. That’s a great review!

  4. Anne - Fiona and Twig

    This sounds just wonderful, the perfect gift for my young nieces.

    I always say this, but….you’re such a good mama! 🙂

  5. Priscilla

    Thank you for your suggestion

  6. Ashley DeLen

    I will have to keep my eyes open for this Bible. My daughter loves her Bible too! But sometimes it would be nice for CD stories :O)

    I have been wanting so say thank you for sharing the Mars Hill Church link awhile back. I live in a very small community sandwhiched in between two cities. I have had such a hard time finding a church that is really preaching the word of God. So this online preaching has been wonderful to me!! Thank you!!!

  7. Jen

    We love that book, too. Another great one is One Wintery Night by Ruth Bell Graham. Gorgeous illustrations, beautifully told story.

  8. Amari

    I’m so excited! I ordered this Bible with the cd’s from Barnes and Noble the day I saw your post…I had a coupon, plus free shipping…Got it today, and I can’t wait to give it to my little daughter for Christmas. Thanks ♥

  9. Lyssening

    “The Song of the Shepherd” is one of my favorite things from The Jesus Storybook Bible.

  10. Boho Farm and Home

    We LOVE this book! It is FANTASTIC! How can one go wrong…it is written by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones Daughter, Sally and she sits under Tim Keller’s preaching…that is some solid stock to draw from!! Also, LOVE the meta storyline of Redemption–the world is broken but God is going to fix it–it is not just for kids, it is for adults too!Thank you for gushing about it! I hope everyone goes out and gets at least two copies–one for themselves and one to give away–it is that good!


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