First, before materialism and “stuff”… can you believe that my angel baby is FOURTEEN WEEKS already?  What a sheer joy she is!  The smells, the smiles and warmth
Juliette Élisabeth… she melts me.
Every once and awhile I come across something that really inspires me…
For the most part, it’s French decorating magazines… and certain coffee table books… I have a mile long wish list on Amazon… I dream of books like The New 18th Century Design and subscriptions to all the Côte’s and Campagne Décoration!!!  At first, though I thought it was pretty, I had a “big deal” attitude about Jeanne d’Arc Living Magazine… I mean, the whole white thing, it’s lovely, but it’s just not me.  I love color.  Every time I try to do “white thing” I think, now what the heck am I going to do with all my other “stuff”???  And, the white thing, it’s not new by any means… I remember YEARS ago seeing a photo of Donna Karen’s apartment, chairs draped in muslin and doilies… white, white, white… Everywhere.
But now, I have my own copy of the magazine as opposed to quickly flipping thru my Mom’s while sitting on her sofa.  (Thank you Mom). It has really inspired me, I had these ideas for making my kitchen over a bit and it pushed me to imagine further, it has challenged me to see beyond my copper and expand more into tarnished silver and tin…I had some thoughts on fine tuning around here, making things a bit more elegant if you will and then a bit more rustic too… a little less “garage sale” if you know what I mean.  Weeding out, slowly but surely the last of things from Merchandise Mart showrooms… like cheap frames… From the top of the house clear out to the garden.  The magazine has affirmed some ideas and stretched others.  I love that.  I love to be challenged when it comes to ideas for our home.  Sometimes just walking into a home of someone that I admire makes me want to turn right around and go home and “play.”…
There will be more to come concerning these slight, but I hope, impactful changes, I am looking forward to the challenge to think outside la boite.  And speaking of French, I know everyone is running around hoping they are pronouncing “Jeanne d’Arc” correctly and though my French is trés mal I can offer an easy tutorial on this one –
Think “Jawn”, like Dawn –  but say it with less “w” and bit more “Jun”
and the rest is simple… “dark”
That’s right – two syllables, easy as pie, or should I say, tarte.
Jun Dark —
Jeanne d’Arc
Here are come vignettes I have been having fun with around the house, before the big changes
…J.A. style photo editing and all!
What fun!
I have had a silver plated chandelier for years and brioche tins and such laying about but it was this lovely gift from the even more lovely Annie that pushed me into being in love with the color and patina of silver.  The cream and sugar set is tarnished, dark and marked with my maiden name initials.  Please continue to keep this wonderful, light of a woman in your prayers as she is fighting the big “C” – I don’t know if “the big C” has ever encountered anyone like Annie though – you can read her story here.


Recently swapped out my books and dishes… after all, I had dishes in the new living room and books in the dining room…see recent Design on a Centime post..


I did some brochure/advertising work for a local shop in town and had spied these silver goblets.  We did a little barter and then I opened my “Jawn Dark” et voila!
Years ago we took of some kitchen cabinet doors, lined them with beadboard… the displays are forever changes… this being the current one.
More than magazines, I dream of Carrera marble countertops.  I mean, hardcore fantasies ladies.
This is a slab that Mom gave me to hold me over for the next 10 years while I save!
  Hope you ladies are leaving your diets in the city cause the Patisserie at this sale is going to rock your world!  Gotta go – my egg whites are calling!