Jardin Potager at Dusk - Pregnancy Update

Dusk in the Jardin Potager. I love those words… jardin potager. They are so romantic and descriptive to me I can hardly stand it.

But you have to swear to me that you will pronounce it “poe-tagh-ay” – soft “g” and all that. Never say “pot-ig-er”. Ever.


Winding down here.

Had my last big (read HUGE) oil event here on the farm last night. Forty-five plus new and current Oilers came for wine and continuing education… and a fun lemonade bar too!

And now… I relax.

Well, not really. But I am winding down. I promise.

20 days to go until the actual due date. I wish you could pick your date… next Friday is the twenty-second anniversary of our first date all those years ago. I think it’d be so dang romantic to have a baby on that date. As a silly, little eighteen years old how could I have imagined this blessed life? I’d love to commemorate that date with the birth of this baby. Sigh.

You can pray about that one.

Today it’s a cool 67 degrees. I’m hoping this gives my broccoli a much-needed respite from the sweltering temps. Me too. I’m enjoying the LACK of sweat pouring in between Lucy and Ethel. I feel like the cool air is allowing me to try and store up my energy for the weekend. We’re gonna try to knock out a few more “nesting” projects like cleaning out barns and greenhouses… window washing and the like… and THEN… I promise. I’ll relax.

But I thought you’d enjoy some of these snaps of the garden last week as the sun began to set the tree line.

Dusk on the farm is so enchanting with the sun streaming thru the trees… the little bugs… the sounds of the animals in the background. Golly, I am in a romantic way.

Jardin Potager at Dusk - Pregnancy Update

Jardin Potager at Dusk - Pregnancy Update

Jardin Potager at Dusk - Pregnancy Update


Love to you all.

Thanks for reading. Angela Parisienne Farmgirl