“J’ai Huit Ans”

Jun 4, 2007 | Full Time Family, On Motherhood | 8 comments

That is what my baby says when I ask him, “Quel age as-tu?”

It’s funny because when I ask him how old he is he says, “I’m eight.” I have no idea why he is so enamoured with the number huit/eight but he better not push the big boy department. He is still my baby.

Even as I type my heart is melting as he plays with the new toys he received last night (a little early) for his birthday. He is wearing a Thomas the Train backpack while trying to put some tracks together…I am sure in a minute or two he will switch back to tractors and in another minute or two pull on my arm for me to join him on the floor. How can I resist that little voice saying, “Mom? Mom? Mom?”?”

While I do feel I have done a really good job savoring every moment of the last seven hundred and twenty some odd days I still have daily moments where I desperately try to hang onto little things he used to do, kicking myself for not writing enough down, wondering where I would have found the time to do that, trying to imagine this second baby when the one I have right now is so absolutely wonderful…

Blog entries like this are almost pointless – they can easily lead to me sobbing as I try to convey motherhood and the wonderful, darling qualities, quirks, and ‘isms of my beautiful, beautiful-almost-two- but-still-my-baby..P.R.

Instead, I’ll simply post this little photo of joy!


  1. Amanda

    OH MY LORD! I so know the feelings of this entire post, but you put them on paper (blog) so much better than I. IT’s been too long, let’s talk soon.

  2. Amanda

    I was also wondering how many weeks in a row you’re going to listen to Gwen Stefani on your IPOD?? 🙂

  3. Victoria

    Nic said tonight, in response to having looked at photos of Aidan and a video of my nephew, “are you going to give me one that cute?” I hope so, Ang. we’ll call you tomorrow- still watching 24… can we come out for Sunday and p.r.’s bday?


  4. cityfarmer

    Oh my, more grandkids…bring it on

  5. Laurie Anna

    Motherhood…..nothing else in the world compares. You have a gift in the way you express your thoughts through words……simply beautiful post.

    Thank you for letting us peek in.



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