style="text-align: center;">A feminist that is.
They don’t stand up in outrage over shmucks like Hugh Heffner, they have no problem with millions of aborted little girl babies, celebrities who claim to be feminist parade around in outfits … well, calling them outfits is a bit of a stretch isn’t it?
And here is another example:
Didn’t she change her concert routines and outfits around to accommodate the morals or her middle eastern audience recently? When was the last time she offered to tone down her performance to accommodate the Bible Belt?
Well, she is at it again. She performed New Years Eve for
Hannibal Qaddifi (son of the crazy dictator) and a jerk known for his violence against women! A week earlier it’s “alleged” that this jem of a husband broke his wife’s nose, his staff evaded police and was he wisked away in a “black car” as she was taken to the hospital.
This is just so pathetic.
I’ve never, ever been a “girl power” kind of girl, so Beyoncé’s big -n- bad, “Independent Woman” attitude has always bugged me but women everywhere should be outraged that she would profit from such a man.
“All the mommas who profit dollars”
Think Gal Pal Oprah will ring her up and chastise her?
Doubt it.
(Wonder if she is friends with that other young lady “vocalist” who was plastered all over the magazine covers a few months ago after getting beat up by her boyfriend?)
What makes me even more sick is all the young girl’s hanging on every word this woman sings. I personally know young girls, have heard Beyoncé’s lyrics coming across their lips, I’ve seen the train wrecks their lives are before the age of 17…where’s the empowerment the Beyoncé projects when you end up pregnant or try to harm yourself?
“All the single ladies.”

For the sake of your daughters, find a way to clear their Ipods of trashy females examples like this. There is nothing empowering about their examples or their lyrics.
I swear I am not a prude. – I like a sexy outfit and song myself but this is ridiculous and I’d like to see a little outrage! As moms we can be the real feminists. Teaching our girls the joy of being a girl, a young lady, a real woman – instead of an object, instead of teaching them that it’s OK to flit from relationship to relationship, (you don’t walk away without scars like all these songs want you to believe), We can explain to young girls exposed to this culture what it says about you when your boobs are pushed up to your nostrils every chance you get, when you are selling out to something you don’t believe in just for a really good paycheck or your 15 minutes of fame…there is so much more to be said here but
Mothers everywhere should be “throwing their hands up at me” and putting singers like Beyoncé out of business!