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Jul 26, 2012 | Beauty and Style, Pinterest | 14 comments

Worked my tail off today – just one of those days where I truly relished the housework.  I was able to find joy in serving my family.  Folding their clothes, cleaning their rooms… a cozy, extended tuck-in time with EACH child… songs… story… prayers…
And I actually found myself with some Momma time at the end of the evening – and so – I found my way to Pinterest – (After telling you I never take/get the time to do it.)
I found this photo and many others that made me swoon.  Big Bad Time as my kids say.  As much as I love a garden wellie or tennis shoe covered in mud – I am a COMPLETE sucker for high heels – black in particular.
You long time readers know I want my carbon footprint to be in the shape of a Louboutin.
Got Pinterest boards you think I’d enjoy? 
 Leave your link in the comment box!


  1. Mandy

    those do make me swooney, though i am less than graceful in that high of heels! {to put it mildly!} your mama pinned some amazing wellies the other day. my heart about pitter pattered out of my chest! isn’t it odd that the days we seem to get a ton done, feel good about doing it, are actually the days we end up with MORE time?! happens here too!
    and i just emailed you back:)

  2. Lynn@ The Vintage Nest

    No healthy recipes or anything like that but you might find something interesting at my Pinterest. 🙂

  3. Kelly Rae

    Hi Angela!

    I have a comment about fashion and Pinterest.

    I have no fashion sense (and I’m very overweight – something I’ve just started to work on). My fashion is anything that slips on, is stretchy, and hides.

    Pinterest has opened my eyes. I love it when I find pins that have ‘ensembles’ put together (especially since I am a working professional).

    I was motivated to do something and let me tell you – it’s changed my whole perspective on fashion because I’ve learned that I can look good, too.

    I took my fashion ‘pins’ and made a real life focus board. Then, I started to put up my ‘hide-it-all but nice professional wardrobe’ on eBay. With that money, I turned around and purchased, on eBay, clothes that I needed to put together my focus ensembles.

    I needed inspiration. I needed a way to achieve. I needed a serious lesson in fashion. Pinterest gave me all of that!

    I love Pinterest’s fashion avenue and am so thankful to the women/men who put up their pins.

    It helped changed this woman (and soon to be fashion Diva and not afraid to say that).

    I love your fashion pins!


  4. myletterstoemily

    my girls are nutty about pinning, and i
    enjoy it, but not as much. your blog
    is more fun.

  5. The Cape Club

    Hi Angela.. oh I love pinning! Here’s my link.. http://pinterest.com/vietnam/
    it’s all about MY.. I have 46boards and counting.. thanks for the opportunity to share all about Moi .. and I love your blog posts.. thanks for them always – regards from Brisbane and Moi

  6. Genuine Lustre

    Style, conservative values, paleo food… I’m a pinterest junkie…Polly Ekin.

  7. Chandra


    You are abundantly blessed!
    I found your blog some time ago and continue to thoroughly enjoy; found Mimi Thorisson’s quite recently and believe you may swoon when you see it. I have a pin board here:


    and her blog is here:

    More importantly, you’ve found Paul and his ‘Back to Eden’ film and I believe it is in no way a coincidence that we’ve found his message and are able to share it with others.

    Continued blessings…
    In Him,


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