style="text-align: center;">Worked my tail off today – just one of those days where I truly relished the housework.  I was able to find joy in serving my family.  Folding their clothes, cleaning their rooms… a cozy, extended tuck-in time with EACH child… songs… story… prayers…
And I actually found myself with some Momma time at the end of the evening – and so – I found my way to Pinterest – (After telling you I never take/get the time to do it.)
I found this photo and many others that made me swoon.  Big Bad Time as my kids say.  As much as I love a garden wellie or tennis shoe covered in mud – I am a COMPLETE sucker for high heels – black in particular.
You long time readers know I want my carbon footprint to be in the shape of a Louboutin.
Got Pinterest boards you think I’d enjoy? 
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