It’s Friday but…SUNDAY’S COMIN’!!!

So, now it’s a tradition.  
I know I posted it last year but for me, as I was explaining to a friend recently… this video says so much… about my love for Easter.  Jesus DIED for us!  He suffered for us.
Today is a day of reflection, somberness, and thankfulness and by Sunday, well by Sunday I will be jubilant.
It’s Friday.  But Sunday’s Comin’!

10 thoughts on “It’s Friday but…SUNDAY’S COMIN’!!!”

  1. LOVE, IT! Thank you. And as Anne of Green Gables says, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” I hope you don’t mind that I will copy that video onto my post for today. Keep on spreadin’ the good news!

  2. As our country is seemingly crumbling around us, I take great comfort in the concrete knowledge that it truly is only Friday and Sunday truly is coming. I look forward with great relish to the day when The Paintiff family will be back home with Jesus where we belong. In the meantime, we try to live each day as shining examples of the love of Christ and the joy that going home will bring! God Bless!

  3. I adore your blog girlie. your style, your charm, but especially your faith 🙂

    I am passing along a “beautiful Blogger” award to you! Grab your button to display this award on my blog.

    Maison De Merriman

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