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“It’s cheap.” “It’s easy”. “Quick trip.” “Fine Art.”

It’s been 1 and a half years since I have been to Paris. It’s been who knows how long since I have done something fun in the city. It has been 4 months since I have been to Nordstrom and 10 months since I have been out dancing. If you are thinking, “Well at least you have been to Paris.” Then I don’t want to talk to you right now.
This evening after a fussy time getting Aidan to bed. (He is ready by 5:50 no thanks to the person that invented Daylight Savings Time) I decided to put on my fun new floral fishnet stockings, my boots, and my navy blue trench coat that I got one freezing morning in London (Yeah, that’s right. Sometimes it feels good to say where you got something) and go to the new “art gallery” in town for an exhibit that was being promoted.
Now you may be thinking. Hmmm. Art Gallery/McHenry. Art Gallery/McHenry… Isn’t that some sort of an oxi-moron? Hey – you’re right. Silly me. I thought I could get all dudded up, brushing away week after week of what we call, “The McHenry Sweatpant.” and go admire some art. Let’s call it – “art.”
I thought I could sip a glass of champagne and meander. I wasn’t expecting Veuve Cliquot. I was prepared to settle for Korbel. “Big deal” I thought. I could wear lots of eyemakeup and get out of the house for an hour.
When I pulled up to McHenry’s latest establishment I almost just turned around and went home. Fluorescent lights highlighted loud, garish – “art,” People had jeans on jean jackets on – I am not disparaging the blue jean. In fact I have a most favorite family member who would have worn jeans tonight – the point is – I was going to stick out like a sore thumb. But, I decided to at least go in and give it a chance. Perhaps I could stumble upon a lovely nude or still life. Not.
It was more like one of those times in life where you stay just long enough to NOT look rude. Let me just give you an idea of this “art” There was tons of nature photography, lots of wanna-be impressionistic flower fields and horror of horrors: Old windows with kitchy flowers painted on them. I think they borrowed them from the local craft shop. A few abstract wood sculptures and some “pottery.” Prices ranged from thirty dollars to about $1500. Let me tell you. I should take an art class, buy some canvass and march in there. Perhaps I could fund my next trip to Paris or pay for the burial of my hopes that McHenry is going to be anything more than a stop of the way to Lake Geneva.
I left 30 minutes ago and now I am home telling you my pathetic Saturday night tale. What did they serve you may be wondering? Pepperidge Farm Cookies on a big plastic plate. No beverage. ROCK-ON.

By the way Jul’s. Are we too self-absorbed or are we not “blogging” enough? I’m confused.

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  1. julee

    Dang it! In hindsight, when I went back and read “Let’s talk about me!” I should have put up this disclaimer. I love to listen to people talk about themselves and I love to talk about myself. Make sense? So I am ABSOLUTELY digging these blogs. Just like your McHenry “art” I have a few…let’s call them individuals…in my daily ventures that want so badly to call themselves conversationalists, when in reality all they want to do is talk about themselves. There is a BIG difference. Ohhhh, I feel another entry coming on.


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