It Was a Good Weekend!

Mar 26, 2008 | Full Time Family | 11 comments

The Family Photo.
Joel, Aunt Julee and Angela
Somebody wants to eat…NOW!
Hey, Amélie, He is Risen!
He is Risen indeed Aidan!
Me-n-my family!

We had a great Easter – what a weekend.
Saturday morning we thought we would venture to the threshold of hell – that is Randell Road for a round of Costco and Trader Joe’s. Everyone else and their mother must have had the same idea because it was like pandemonium out there!
I have never seen such traffic and Costco!?? Pure insanity. We have never been there on a weekend and now I know why. The entire time Joel was like, “heads up” “watch it” “Ang!” as I tried to maneuver the cart around the throngs of people and all Aidan did was whine,
“I need samples!”
That kid is OBSESSED with samples and I have to act like I am getting one for each of us just so he can stuff his little face – you should see him in the cart with a giant organic cereal box laid on it’s side with his banquet of samples lined up, food all over his clothes and then the minute he runs out or sees another senior citizen grilling bite-sized sausages its,
” I need more samples!!!!”
Saturday morning I wished they had been sampling red wine!
But then we ran into a dear friend of mine and her husband from years back – I think I am on the verge of this with H.M.A. but I don’t recall having ever having connected so strongly with friend like I had with this one since high school– Sadly about 9 years ago I was entertaining my family, cooking them dinner for my birthday when the phone rang and I got the news that this dear friends 18 year old daughter had been killed in an accident – understandably so things were never quite the same, more loss and career changes and years have passed but Saturday morning at Costco we embraced and exchanged numbers like a no time had gone by. We immediately made plans for them to come over for dinner that night.
I cooked my butt off – made these DE-VINE personal onion tarts with baby greens and goat cheese, whipped up whipping cream with 25 year old balsamic vinegar to dip our strawberries in for dessert…and the phone rang. They had a friend in need – it was the right thing for them to do but there I sat, clean house, makeup up and dinner ready – buzz kill. We ate a little of the dinner and decided to bring the rest to Aunt Ruth’s the next day.
Easter morning I sang at our church in our little 12 person choir. Our church is just a plain old Christian church. We take communion every week, there are about 200 people. I wish we sang more hymns, I wish it was a little more charismatic, at least in it’s worship but dang I love our pastor. He is a great teacher – sometimes I don’t think this body of believers really realizes what they have in this guy. We sure do appreciate him. We are so thrilled to be in a church where the pastor is a real person in our lives – not an inaccessible big shot but someone who you can call with a scripture question or problem in the middle of the week. Oh yes – the service was great. They read/played a poem called, Sunday’s Coming. I’m going to see if I can find it for you…
After church it was naps and more cooking. I made a strawberry tart, custard and all! I was so proud but my crust wasn’t the kind of crust I thought I was making. I am anxious to try it again. We took off for Aunt Ruths and had a good afternoon visiting with family. I really did miss my brother and his fiancé – I hate it when we can’t all be together. It’s not right.
I recovered Monday by indulging in a two hour nap. I have only taken one or two since the baby has been born. It’s Tuesday now and I feel recovered.
We are going to have those friends over THIS Friday. I can’t wait.
And I know it’s late but it’s always, always relevant,


  1. Alison Gibbs

    What a lovely family Easter you had.
    Love the family photos too.

  2. HomemakerAng

    what a lovely day! the best day ever, they don’t get any better than this! xoxox You look fab! love your dress and A’s dress a cordinating contrast if there is such a thing. xoxoxo HE IS RISEN INDEED!

  3. Faith

    I’m exausted just from reading that. But I forget you are superwoman. Most people with newborns don’t go to all the trouble it takes to have people over for dinner. Between the cleaning and the cooking it is alot of work, with two little ones on top of all that. I suppose it helps that she is a good napper. Sounds like a good weekend. Wish we were just around the corner, I would have stepped in when your friends had to cancel :)Sounds delicious!!!

  4. Faith

    P.S. Great pictures. Such a lovely little family you guys make. Love ya!!

  5. Parisienne Farmgirl

    So funny you would say that Faith – about being around the corner. It kind of sucked realizing there was no one to invite over – so many people I love live so far away…


    A big TEAM T SALUTE to you from homemakerang’s brother. I should apologize as I read your blog frequently and realize I have yet to comment or do so infrequently!


    You have a beautiful family and do not ever understimate the beautiful job you do being such a beautiful wife, chef, decorator, and home enjoyment enhancement specialist for your husband and family!

  7. Life in the 'Burbs

    I can’t get over seeing that your cute famliy is now a family of FOUR! I NEED to meet this little girl of yours!! When can you come up and visit?????????????????????

    Anyway, I LOVE the new front page of your blog with your picture, How Cool!! And you are so beautiful it makes me sick. I miss you a ton. And go watch August Rush :o)

  8. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Not that beautiful! That is a photo you took of me 8 months pregnant with Aidan. I just chopped of the fat body and messed with the shadows and made it black and white. Much more flattering and cool looking that way!!! I hope its not too much, I just needed a new look for this blog!

  9. cottage remnant

    What a nice story….I like the little bits of humor here and there. I wonder if you have an accent….As I read through your blog, I can’t help but to here a French accent….strangest thing(my hearing, not your speaking LOL).
    I live in a fairly bilingual area, so I am familiar with some pretty strong accents. All good.

    Have yourself a great day, and have fun with your babies 🙂


  10. cottage remnant

    Thanks for the link 🙂
    I believe I was strollin’ by “farm girl Cyn’s” when I noticed your mailbox up the road.

    Blessings to you and yours♥


  11. Cheri

    I’ve been on that threshold of hell —Randall Road when visiting my sister in Elgin…and my other sister in Crystal Lake! But…how nice to have a Costco and Trader Joes…and all the other great stores we don’t have here in Roch, MN! I wonder what church you go to…my sisters are church shopping and sounds like one they’d like.

    You have a beautiful family!


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