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Sep 21, 2006 | Pop Culture/Politics, Spiritual | 7 comments

Wow! Nothing like talking it out! I love it!

So Juls and I have been going back and forth and for the sake of my fingers I thought I would dial instead of type to follow up on her latest comment. Lest you think we are on opposite sides of the fence from what I gathered, we are not.
To sum it up very neatly, we each have a different concern and we each share a bigger one…

1. Her concern: (and pardon me as I speak for her): Is that we are called to love, not call people out on their sins. She feels pointing fingers and saying that certain things are wrong will not speak as loud as ACTIONS.

2. My concern: That we (I mean Christians) have gotten soft and have relied too much on actions and we are afraid to say, “This is the Word of God, this is what do my best to live by, here is what is says.” (About your sin and MINE!)

THE BIGGER CONCERN WE SHARE: Christians need to act like Christians. We are to love The Lord, our neighbor as ourself, and take care of the widows and orphans. We both agree that if we did, if just 10% of us would shift it into high gear, we would stick out like sore thumbs and the world would change and take note in a big way. We both have blogged about this numerous times.

My point in my blog entry the other day was not to talk about love. It was to remind people that “radical” Isalm has a very serious agenda and that it is our conversion, yours and mine or our death. THAT is what we need to remember. THAT is what I would want to remind Rosie.

If you want to talk about love, I will conceed that the term, “big fat yapper” was not very loving! 🙂

So, I will unite our concerns and attempt, in my own way to unite my readers (all four of you). WE MUST BE MORE LOVING. TO EVERYONE.




To the slow lady at the grocery store, the flighty waitress, our boss, our employees. AND WE MUST NOT BE ASHAMED TO LIVE BY THE WORD OF GOD AND POINT PEOPLE TO THE WORD OF GOD. God agrees – he says, Faith without works is dead and He also says, “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ…”and his “Word will not return void.”

We can have it both ways. We can not have one without the other.


  1. julee

    Amen. Let’s roll.

  2. cityfarmer

    I’m actually quite offended by the what seems to be Pat Robertson bashing.

    His program and their phone prayer people ministered to me at a time in my life when I needed it most…I guess then being radical Christians we should…well we should play nice.

  3. Parisienne Farmgirl

    I think Pat can come off as a little out there too but he prayed for me as a child too. I was home with Mom, (dad was out of town) with a horrible, horrible chest cold and had a some blood in the cough goo.
    Mom was with her Bible open praying for me and we had the TV on and right there he stopped and said the Holy Spirit was telling him someone was coughing some blood. He prayed after Mom did and I had no more blood.

    Yes, especially within the church we should “play nice” (unless false teaching is involved)

    A house divided can not stand.

  4. cityfarmer

    Ang, I adore you!!!!!!!
    I am proud to be your Mom

    Looks like we’ll be stopping there at the farmhouse tomorrow morning about 8 or a little after.

  5. julee

    I’m sorry if I offended, but this is my point exactly. He was fulfilling biblical commandments when he called to minister to you. What could go so drastically wrong that would make him call for the murder of Venzuelan President Chavez or Jerry Falwell calling cartoon characters homosexual propaganda? I’m not bashing…they can say whatever they want…just don’t put me in their radical christian category.

  6. Parisienne Farmgirl

    I think the proper term may be “fringe” in the case of Tinky Winky.

    There are always those on the fringe that will do something that ends up offending everyone. Thankfully that does not mean their ministry before and after that point is null and void. (I will confess I know nothing about J. F. he, I assume is the butt of many jokes based on the Tellytubbies comment).

    And…can’t we stop talking about that? Hasn’t is been “like” ten years since he said that?

    If we all said we didn’t want to be associated with “this kind of Christian” or “that kind of Christian” I don’t think there would be church standing.

    We all, daily, do, say and think things that would embaress the body of Christ…often in the name of Christ, which reiterates my point that since we are flawed and do not always act in love we must guide, direct or point (choose your word of comfort) the world to the word of God.

    It it unfailing, unchanging and true.

    How about, end of discussion on this one? I am concerned that my non-believing readers may not understand the spirit in which we are all conversing. Merci.

  7. kansasrose

    I can see why cityfarmer is so proud of her daughter…you are so wise…I have found what you say to be so true about really having Christ’s love in our heart and projecting HIS love to others…I am a sinner and without HIM sometimes loving others is impossible. When I take on Christ’s mantle and see other people through HIM it is amazing how people can pick up on the love of Christ and HIS mercy. We all share the same pain, sin, agony and loneliness in the human family. Your post spoke to me today of Christ’s forgiveness.


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