Or is anyone else fricken’ going broke from buying groceries???


Ms. Frugal.
Ms. We Don’t Eat Boxed Food
Ms. Costco
Ms. Trader Joe’s
Ms. I Buy Bulk Flour
Ms. We eat lots of Beans
Ms. I Grow Food in my Garden
Ms. I Can Make Food Stretch Like Nobodies Business

Ms. Losing her mind cause I can’t keep up!!!

I don’t want to be negative because I am always telling people that it doesn’t cost the ridiculous sums that “they” want you to believe it costs to raise children – in fact I have this huge post written in my head on the subject…

I can’t figure it out but I haven’t yet sat down and tried.
Here is what is going on: I was spending $400 a month on groceries. I was soooooooooo proud, it seemed unheard of!!!  But lately my children are eating like adults. I have told you before how much and how well they eat and recently I joked how much Juliette eats –I am not joking. She eats so much it’s scary. And Aidan, well, he is a GROWING boy. “More please, more please, more please”.  Today I made risotto for lunch and just a couple months ago we would have had enough left for the kids and I to eat leftovers for dinner. Today there was a paltry amount left in the bottom of the pan. And this bun in the oven coming in September will be eating off a plate by next March!

I could give you so many examples of how careful and frugal I shop but it would bore you…
I buy two and three bunches of bananas at a time because they are affordable and POOF! they are gone! We don’t even SNACK in this house!
There are things I am not willing to sacrifice – I can’t go to Aldi and buy “cheap” dairy products and meat. The dangers are too high but I tell you what… these days it doesn’t even make a difference that we don’t eat deli meat and chips and all that.
This last trip to the store was $195.00, that was five days ago and I am already feelings it. We didn’t even buy MEAT!!!

Thank goodness we have those chickens! Eight eggs a day has been my saving grace many-a-times!
And thank goodness this is our first season of our self proclaimed “urban farm”. I pray it actually makes a difference when we look back a year from now!

So what is it?
Is it inflation?
Crazy food prices?
I am just stunned lately.

Thankfully the growing season is here but I am only one woman caring for three small children. We don’t have a cow, we don’t have a goat. I love gardening but can only spend so much time out there and we don’t have an acre for crying out loud! AND gardening is wonderful but it’s not free either… I can see why people FREAK out and shout from the rooftops that we all need to know how to harvest, keep and store our own seeds…

Organic milk is $6 a gallon!
We don’t even DRINK it!
I use it for cooking! Time to find a cow share…

Has anyone else felt this change in their lifestyle?
I know there are lots of procreating Mom’s out there…
Does anyone find their mind wandering to what we 
are all going to do when inflation REALLY hits???

Or is it just me?