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Or re-introducing my sister-in-law.  The lovely, elegant, sarcastic, drole and in love with the Lord and my brother: Victoria. 
 I’m sorry but her blog rocks deserves more readers!  This is my meager attempt to increase her readership, this attempt would probably be better served on my  Mom’s blog but I’ll take a stab at it!!!
Here is the thing- Miss Vic is a phenomenal writer.  She is passionate and articulate.  Not over emotional as a certain Farmgirl I know.  She has got her finger on the pulse of American culture (or lack there of) and her eyes on the Word of God.  She can read a headline and then break in down in a way I only dream of.  So, if you’re a Mom or Christian woman who is always looking for the next filter from which to understand what is happening in our government, culture and church check out and add to your “Blogs I Read” and become a follower of, Victoria’s Best Intentions.  If  you’ve got the time it’s definitely worth making a big pot of coffee and reading back as far as you can.
Happy Reading and God Bless Victoria and America!

8 thoughts on “Introducing…”

  1. I second this plea! I love Victoria’s blog, and try to get there whenever she posts something new. For being a fairly young believer, she has some incredible insight! Check her out for yourself!

  2. Hi-I can’t remember how I found you, but I really enjoyed reading your blog. (I know how it feels, I don’t think I have many readers either. It’s okay though, I’m using my blog as a way of journaling!)I will go visit your sister in law. Thanks!

  3. AND she is beautiful, too, from the inside out!

    Being the MIL …I miss having her padding around this old house

    … she’s a woman of God to be adored … truly blessed with the gift of the pen.

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